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Default To tuffellow: critique, WS

Hi Mike,

thanks. So for the one, as for the other.
One side of the coin: if you felt it, then the photo "works"(for you).
Not a wow!-photo, not for "wanna-be-tigers" that never got out from the chair. It's about sailing, about sea, about roughness, real wind, about ANDRENALIN. As you say: that is living!
That's also why the "rough note" to it.

The other side: you have right with the WS, with the obvious purple tint. Patience is something I don't have enough, all the time... Played a bit with, than give up...
To know about the circumstances: aproaching the marina of Athens, lot of humidity in air(not at all the clear blue sky). With that kind of obvious purple smog upon the town. And as I(!) knew that, didn't cared too much about - mea culpa!

Finally, the edge of the coin: usually I try to do as less possible(minimum) PP-work. There are too many possibilities nowaday for change whatever one wants, and often I loose my self in the djungle... I consider photos as time-slices, so I don't like to change too much on them, good or not.

If you look for, you'll surely find worser ones...

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