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Default Re: What is the best way to get to Aberdeen from Central?

There are numerous photo opportunities in Aberdeen if you ask me, so I believe you should expect spending a few hours there, it will depend on your own photo sensitivity or personnal feelings.

Darren focused on chess playing characters, Kourosh on boatwomen, me on <a "" target="_blank">geometrical buildings</a>, Pieter would shoot <a "" target="_blank">chinese fishing boats</a>, everything's here and waiting for your own twist : the thing I can say is that the place has got <a "" target="_blank">rythm !</a>

Just ask the cab driver to drop you where the steamboat restaurant shuttle lands, walk a few 50 meters, when you see these strange buildings I shot, you'll know you're at the place. The hunt can begin : usually the victim is taking a rest peacefully sitting and looking away in the distance, his only tooth widely displayed to the gentle harbor breeze. You cannot miss him.

I realize we've only been talking about Aberdeen since. But there are numerous places worth a shot or simply a view (I've learnt that life is not photography only) in HK, it's difficult to say when and where because the city is so energetic that anything can happen anytime. Just to name a few (this is a list of a "old europe" tourist, this might then sound strange to bored HKers) : Victoria peak at sunset, taking a star ferry at dusk, the harbour view from Tsim Sha Tsui at night, Nathan road neon lights at night, eating out in Mongkok night market, Man Mo temple, Upper Rascal Row market and wandering Sheung Wan streets, magnificent colorful trams anywhere in HK but I think they're better viewed in Wan Chai aging streets, even the MTR station can provide excellent <a "" target="_blank">photo opportunities</a> IMO...

I'd be happy if a (ex-)HKGer continues the list (or correct some places).
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