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I guess that's a personal question which depends on each member.

Personally I do like to see WS made to my photos even those which alter quite heavely them. After all the original photo is still mine, it's the one that it's been posted and it's not replaced by the WS. More, it gives me some artistic ideas that may be useful for other shots. So, it may not represent my view over the photo I've posted, but it influences me in the future.

Also it expands my way of seeing the reallity. In my opinion no one captures the reallity, only an interpretation of it. That's why I find the WS so useful (and also the post-processing done or not done in the photos posted).

I guess if it absets you you may turn of the WS option in your profile or alert about your WS preferencies as Nina said (the best thing is a small add in the note).
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