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Default human zoo

Hello Gert!
To remember:
Trekearth = learning about the world ......
There are thousands of places in the world that cannot be reached alone, and if no one reports about them we cannot learn anything about them.
I have been to Mrauk U / Rakhine twice and I know that you can never or may never reach the Chin villages by yourself.
That's why I love such photos and notes from which I can learn something.
Like almost everyone here, you write comments about photos (mainly mundane) every day with bad descriptions from which nobody can learn anything, even technically very bad photos with copy and paste notes and give a dark green smile, even if you point out that the picture has technical defects.
I would never have been able to take my photos of the Lahu, Akkhy, Palaung people without a permit and a guide, so a mini group. And like Malgo, I always brought small, useful gifts with me, not to buy hospitality.
Would you have said no if you had been invited to this house?
Should I rename my pictures from there to human zoo?
What about all the good portraits of local people you've made in markets or temples?
Gert, since internet and digital photography and (a) social medias the whole world is a human zoo. sometimes good, mostly bad.
This is the truth!

Regards, Ronny
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