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Default The Admiral's Guard

My photo "The Admiral's Guard" showing a feral cat in Istanbul was removed. The eager beaver who removed it did not even bother to read the note:

"Istanbul is known for its feral and semi-feral cats. They are everywhere. Feral cats are taken care of by no one and everyone. You will see passers-by or locals dropping food for these little felines. The semi-feral ones are those that are consistently fed and taken care of by one household without letting them into the house. So they are outdoor cats "owned" by someone.

This is one small feline sitting in the middle of Emirgān Park without a care in world, confirming that Istanbul is a cat-haven.

The title of this photo was given before I realized that I took this photo in Emirgān, and not in Beşiktaş. With this photo, I end my reportage of our first complete day in Istanbul."

I usually get an email about a removal but this time it did not come through. Please restore the photo.

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