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Default Re: INTERNET BRANDS Please clarify Terms of Service

"BTW adaptation of a comment is a right of the owner that you deny,
please re-adjust this again,
Abuses of comments still can be removed as mentioned above."

Bingo !!!!
Right on the nose !

Removing the editing feature and points correction to our very own critiques and comments was one of the unwise, not fully thought of decisions by administration.

Once in a while, out of blues skies - someone had changed his positive critique into a negative one or vice verse and add or removed the green or yellow monkie ?

Big deal...!

It wasn't epidemic or something the majority of the critics was affected by...
It was something like between the two members silly quarrel rather and usually lasted very short life...

Taking out the rights of editing the words and point decisions from seventy thousand +++ people looks more like punishing those members who don't even know why it was taken from them ???
And - I emphasize the word 'punishing' all right...

Shall I explain why I, Polonaise - do emphasize the word 'punishing' ?


breathe deeply

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