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Originally Posted by emka View Post
I do not think there is a problem of the people not knowing the rules and not reading TOS but the interpretation: "unless there's a suitable note they [e.g. close up of flowers] will be deactivated" . So it depends on the note more than on a photo..
There certainly is a problem with people not knowing the rules, but I accept that it is only part of the problem. Many times when we explain to people why their photo has been removed they respond that they didn't know the rules.

The link between the photo and the notes is a very important one, particularly for the type of image you mention. If there is only a very basic note, for example "This is a pretty flower I saw when out for a walk in the park" then it will not save the photo from being removed. On the other hand a note providing detail about the plant and its environment may well be enough for the photo to be acceptable. One important detail about the note is that cutting and pasting information from other sites is also not acceptable and may also be reason enough to remove a photo. Links to other source information is acceptable and valuable, but cannot be the only content for the note.
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