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Default Location of Svalbard/Spitzbergen

<p>Correct location is: Norway/north/Troms/Svalbard/Spitzbergen<br>
So you did it quite right.<br>
Svalbard is an international island region, where Norway has the right to administrate and maintain the juridical questions connected with the group av islands. The islands is situated between the northen part of our mainland and the north pole.<br>
The "capitol" Spitzbergen is a small community where traditional mining and a flourishing tourist industry are the main focus area.<br>
You reach Svalbard by boat or with a regular domestic flight. I was there in 2000, and even for us who lives in the high north it is still regarded as quite exotic to visit Svalbard.</p>
<p><a href="">You can do a
quick webcam visit to the harbour in Spitzbergen by clicking here &gt;&gt;</a><br>
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