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Default Re: Turning down my first assignment - Your Opinion Please

Oi Mario, if I may add my two cents, I nearly had a picture in a very nice Spanish magazine, the editor conrfirmed it to me, but at the last moment they chose a picture from a pro. Well, HE has to make a living out of it. It feels nice of course when they choose a picture of you, but there's no reason at all why they should get a picture of you for free, they have their income from advertisement etc., and there's no reason at all why you should give it for free, besides, you want to be taken seriously in your passion, right? They paid a reasonable price, which was the same for everyone, pro's and amateurs alike. To me that sounded fair. Try to get a copy, see what it is like, what sort of advertisement, how many, and the number of copies for instance.
I hope you get sell some pictures, they're worth it.
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