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Default To SOMNIVM: You are right :-)

Hi Pavel,
So glad to find comment from another Bulgarian, after I didn't open this page for a bit long time! :-) Yes, I have to say that you are right about the concrete houses and seems at that time /70's & 80's/ everywhere it was an easy and fast solution for the migration, mostly from villages to towns. I completely agree with you about Chaika too - it is such an ugliness and the real estate prices there are an absolute craziness...:-( You are lucky to have a house and as I use to say for Varna: as the villagers moved to the town, now it is time for the citizents to move to the villages for more quiet life...:-)))
Have a nice day!
PS: don't worry, I accept the right of everyone to express his/her own ideas and thoughts and I am not that touchy to take it for offence :-)
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