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Default Re: Help me, please!

Hi. YOu don't mention what camera he is using, and that could be important.

The DOF would only have to do with what aperture is being used, assuming the same subject is framed in the same way. As for other reasons the 28-135 might be working better, my guess is that there might be focus issues. If you read in the Canon forums, ever since the D60 (maybe before), there have been complaints of certain Canon bodies backfocusing with certain lenses. I believe the 24-70L is very, very often one of the lenses to draw the complaints. I know when i met Philip and Thien in Myanmar last year, Thien's 24-70 did indeed focus very poorly on Philip's 10D. At the time, Thien said that it was not uncommon with Canon's consumer level DSLRs (not 1 series). I believe with fast lenses, focus errors are often magnified, because we tend to shoot them more wide open, leading to an even smaller plane of focus.

If your friend's camera and lens are still under warranty, I believe Canon will calibrate them free of charge.
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