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holmertz 12-13-2017 07:16 PM

To PaulVDV: no danger
Thanks Paul,
Imagining the level of crime that could be expected in a country like India, with still a very high level of incredible poverty, it is probably among the relatively safest countries in the world. So many times i have found myself in slummy areas where, if it had been in Africa, I would immediately have been robbed, but in India nothing ever happened. Like everywhere in the world, including Sweden, Belgium and China, the divisions are growing between rich and poor in India, but poverty in India is not quite at the abysmal level of the 1970's. I have been back to Calcutta many times since 1972 and have seen with my own eyes how things have turned a bit better every time.

The poor people at this bridge caused me no problems, but when I returned later to take more photos I was arrested for illegal photography. As I entered the bridge I saw a large sign saying "Photography on the bridge strictly prohibited", but I thought "Who cares"? A policeman in civilian clothes did. He brought me to the nearest police station, where I was told I would certainly have to take out the film. But the officer interrogating me was so impressed I had a university degree that he let me go, wishing me a pleasant stay in india, and telling the policeman not to waste his time arresting innocent foreign students.

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