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mkamionka 09-25-2021 10:26 AM

To PaulVDV: why
Hi Paul,
You are right in a way. They don't do any harm. However, there are hundreds thousands of tourists passing through that park. There is a fragile nature there. Going behind these fences didn't cause any immediate harm except for other people who want to take photo without the trails left by these people they have to go even further away from the fence. And the next group even further.
It has to stop at one point.
If it is a rocky environment, I would think it does not matter, but if it is landscape with unique shape of dunes and patterns, the next arriving group sees only a pile of sand.
But most importantly it is about the number of visitors per surface area. If it is in the US where national parks are enormous and almost empty than few trails make no difference. The wind will remove them next day. But if it is thousands of people in a small national park, it will never recover.
Interestingly though there are further some places in the same park where you can go and explore but they are not close to the larger resorts so nobody really goes there.
Kind regards,

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