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kikvel 07-01-2005 03:47 AM

rutti (Jakob)
Henk´s nickname is oochapan...

Do not get concerned about the size of the postings here...the photographers usually have the big original file in high resolution...

let us exclude the year from the title. Problem solved.


kikvel 07-01-2005 04:04 AM

Re: Lost in the thread...

I do not see up to now obstacles that can not be surpassed:

- Legal issues. I already thought about that from the very beginning but I did not bring the theme to this board just not to have too many open points that can be discouraging.
The author of the picture will retain the copyright, and this will be stated clearly within the book. The author will authorize the use of the photo for printing purposes and this can be controlled by means of limited edition printing.

- Every author must be responsible of the copyrights and in the case of portraits this should also remain true.

We can work on as many disclaimers as required to cover legal issues in a proper way. I already contacted a lawyer friend of mine to ask a few things (for free of course).

I believe that this project is a good opportunity to be creative to solve all of these issues.

Things I have done so far:
- Check prices for a nice printing hard cover book.
- Check prices for shipping to Europe.
- Requested some free lawyer`s assistance.


longwayfromhome 07-01-2005 04:23 AM

Re: rutti (Jakob)
I absolutely disagree with the idea of limiting the book to this year. This makes the book obselete far too quickly. I have worked in the book trade for some years now and have a rough idea of how these things come together.

On Monday 4th July (no use trying to get a publisher to think for free on a Friday) I will email some contacts, and some strangers, in the publishing industry with links to this thread to see what they make of the idea. I am 100% certain that this book would be seen as a viable proposition, which is very important as they are where the money comes from. Having an established publisher involved is the only way I can forsee this dream coming to fruition*. As romantic as it would be to set up the "TrekEarth Community Press (c)" I can't see that working on the scale some people are discussing.

What countries will this book be available for sale in? I am sure we are all thinking about walking into our local bookstores and seeing our lovely book piled in their windows, but this is the case for only a small amount of books with some serious distribution behind them (ie. NG and LP).

* I should also mention that it could also be the undoing of some peoples dreams as they would undoubtedly take on all aspects of the books production (obviously, as they would not just chuck money at a bunch of internetters to make their first book, it must be commercially viable and I would wager that they all have their own definitions of this principle).

mlopes 07-01-2005 04:46 AM

Re: Lost in the thread...
I can see some of you are thinking of a worldwide mega production... covery every country and everystore... you must be talking about some thousands of copies... why? this is not doable in 9 months, nor with 100 diferent people with diferent opinions, cultures and personalities...

I can't imagine this book in my local FNAC... WOW i would be proud of that even it didn't cover any of my picture sure... i would help sure... but it is this that we are talking about?

Do you really think this is the only way that someone sponsor our project? i think nobody will do it... who will spend millions in a project without a face? or worst... with 100 faces all over the world?

I was thinking in something considerable smaller... some hundreds, firstly to ourselfs and our closer ones. we would be the producer, the buyer and the retailer and sold to our family.... friends... and even local stores! but then this must be a book about TE community and spirit! A book about Spain, France, or Sunsets isn't TE.

However count me always in!


oochappan 07-01-2005 05:02 AM

Re: Lost in the thread...
Thanks Mario, on that level, count me in

Me neither, I don't like the idea of a bestseller of the elite, carved up into pieces, it is not reflecting TE at all, why do people always have to think so big and do nothing ?

As much I have seen good photos even from the beginning of TE, I can assure that 2005 offers already so much quality that you could restrict it not dealing with 174.509 photos.
By carefully picking out and putting together you could get already a very good product that goes beyond the so easely defined "exhibitionisme" or "fast food".
Afraid to be burned ? A good photo never will burn and good combinations even less.

On the other hand at the same running a real conception and production process planned and leaded by the proposers, why not ? That would be constructive.

dom_inik_m 07-01-2005 05:04 AM

I was not thinking of copyright ownership...
but of the right anyone has to have his portrait published - or not! Which means the photographer must have some kind of release form from the person(s) he took a picture of. And subtle differences may exist from one country to another, so legal advice has to come from recognized experts in the field. For exemple, did you know you can't publish photos of the lighted Eiffel tower without some specific authorization?
Once more, good will and amateurism won't be enough here... unless you wish to reinvent the wheel and, through trial and error, take numerous misdirections, go backwards and start again, always losing time, energy and money (whatever form of retribution it can take).
Printing, shipping... circulation too? Do you plan on opening a bank account to pay all the bills and receive payments? What about taxes? storage space? The list can be very, very long.
By the way, a larger file doesn't necessarily means it can be fit for printing...
Sorry to say, Cesar, but in spite of your will power and enthousiam, I feel you're not starting all this from the right end...
You'd better check first who's willing to be part of this project, doing what (proved skills? track record?), when, for how long, how much, etc.
Set up a viable team.
Finetune the concept and goals (much, much, much more than the few vague ideas I've read so far).
Decide on the global scope.
Work out financing options (and I mean real ones!) and a budget.
Put down a tentative production schedule. Rules, constraints, potential problems, etc. not forgeting a single one!
Then, and only then, it'll be time for the team in charge to decide on how pictures will be selected... I know, the fun part has to come after many tedious and arduous questions to be solved first.
And difficulties will not magically disappear after that. Far from it.
But such is life... ;-)

kikvel 07-01-2005 05:36 AM

Re: Lost in the thread...

Sorry it is my bad english again...or my stubborn nature...

"Every author must be responsible of the copyrights and in the case of portraits this should also remain true."

With this I meant that every photographer should be the only responsible of publishing a photo like a portrait, in other words to get the proper authorization from the persons portraited...

I know that there are many obstacles, but I also believe this is feasible. And as I already mentioned from the very beginning we have to start from scratch.
I have nothing but enthusiasm now, and I am searching for support, wise advices and also enthusiasm and a positive attitude not to kill the baby before the conception.

Forgive me my stubborness but this is the way I am built and I will proceed gathering others that may want to join the project.

I do not see anything wrong in my proceeding. This is just a thread at this forum where we are analyzing possible schemes, directions, and mostly a mixed combination of ideas, enthusiasm, things to be taken care.

We have to avoid the construction of a Babel tower here. I strongly believe we are able to overcome our differences in terms of cultures, thoughts, beliefs and that we can realize this project.


kikvel 07-01-2005 05:48 AM

I agree totally with the scope mentioned
by Mario and Henk.

I had the same image of the book. Not a super mega production but a nice book published proudly here within this community with the help and participation of the TE members.

Wouldn´t you buy our own small production, the result of a joint work, an international project, unique in its kind?

Wouldn´t you feel proud of it? I would purchase it as a gift to my brother, and for my friends.

There is no need to cover all the major bookstores from the planet with our book.

To define my idea of how the scope should be:

A 300-500 pages book completely made by TE members. In a very nice hard cover edition, and the idea is to have a limited edition of let us say 300-500 units.
The book is to be sold only HERE at the web page. Every TE member that voluntarily decides to join the project shall contribute with the equivalent price of one or two copies. For instance one for himself and the other as a donation to a charity organization.


mlopes 07-01-2005 05:49 AM

Re: Lost in the thread...

One more ash in this fire ;)

I don't know if you know this guys, i think they come up with nice results at a very good price... don't know any of their photography books to talk about the quality of printing though...

You might want to take a look, the dowload version is very interesting also...

Regards from Portugal.

3am in Portugal and i'm here writing all of these... let's go for it...

kikvel 07-01-2005 05:53 AM

jajajaja Mario you read my mind
after seeing your latest post I though: "what the hel is Mario doing so late!!" it is already 10pm here in Py and I know you are hours ahead...

I will surely take a look at it

Pd. Please take a rest, we need fresh minds to realize this

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