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kikvel 06-21-2005 06:50 PM

Re: Trekearth Book sorry html
<a href=""> Book of other site

kikvel 06-21-2005 06:55 PM

Other view of the same book
<a href="">

Open book, it is certainly nice, and they did it by having a good organization, do you still believe it is not possible?

Isabelle 06-21-2005 07:12 PM

it is possible,
I think, and with some effort we would do it. and we would learn a lot while doing it...
count on me in :)

joseelias 06-21-2005 07:23 PM

Re: Trekearth Book
This issue has already been mentioned before many times, and as said, never lead to anything due to the difficulty of the task.

Still, I don’t believe this is impossible, but (as once I’ve said to Adam), the best thing is not to make one book, but several books

Now, you’re thinking I’m CrAZy! ;-)))

What I mean is. A generalist book about TE is not very attractive in my opinion (Only NG , Magnum or Time Life are able to do this because of their name), but creating thematic books is a very different issue. The generalist book would be almost only appealing to people interested in photography, as the later not only to those interested in photography, as well those interested in travel and also in a specific theme.

For example (and these are only simple examples), having books with the theme “India – People, and Traditions”, “South-East Asia Contrasts”, “Great Monuments of the World”, “Man and the Sea” or “Western Daily Life”, etc., could be a great way to publish books.

The advantages of the several books are:

- The fact that we’re creating an offer to a specific market target and thus easier to sell.
- Lower cost and lower risk of publishing.
- The opportunity of adapting to the market in later themes to publish.
- If it’s successful, the creation of a “collection” will make the former buyers to buy the other “volumes” eventually.
- Each book will be cheaper and easier to sell, contrary to a big expensive book.
- Each book would be a smaller project and easier to take care and organize, especially in the beginning.
- The different themes would give the chance for a much broader number of members to be included, and reduce the disputes.

I guess some can remember of other advantages (or disadvantages…).

Also, creating specific themes regarding areas of the world could make easier to get more supports if the money was to be given to Aid Organizations.

For example, giving the income to an India Aid Organization from a book about India, would not only be commendable, but could also make easier to gather support due to the nature of the project, even from the mentioned organizations (experienced in gathering supports). In Europe the same applies for example for organizations helping people with mental of physical problems, etc…

I think that smaller and easier manageable projects are better than one single book portraying generalist images.

gringofil 06-21-2005 07:24 PM

Re: Trekearth Book
I'm a bloody pessimist...kill me if you don't like it! ;-)

Anyway, and exhibition of photographs such as those in Triste was achieved by a group of individuals that already had an idea in mind, floor space to do it in and a target audience to buy the tickets (or was it free? can't remember right now). Also, they are professionals at what they do, they know the business and they know what the market needs and wants. We, on the other hand, or most of us anyway, are weekend photographers who may at one time or another have stumbled into a shot that works and that people want to see. As a whole, and don't get me wrong here, about 1% of the shots on TE qualify to be published. It's a huge task of selecting these shots and in order for all to be fair and square perhaps it should be done by a third party...people who have no opinions about the photographers, not friends and family (Daddy always says your shots rock, but the guy down the street slams you down and tells you they're all crap...who would you believe?).

Anyway, do this, see if it works, self-publish if you must, but the money and time spent on doing it just for the vanity of seeing your photo in print...well it's your decision, ain't it?


joseelias 06-21-2005 07:40 PM

Re: Trekearth Book
1% of 160.000 photos is... 1.600...

Quite enough for a book. ;-)

I agree that doing this for vanity doesn't sound nice to me. Of course, it's natural that people feel pleasure and even proud to be published, but this project should have more noble causes beyond the vanity Filip mentioned.

And as I said, some of these organizations could help. In fact it’s natural that they know people with experience in the publishing field willing to help a project like this.

Isabelle 06-21-2005 07:49 PM

Re: Trekearth Book
First things first :)
The most important in a photography book we already have: photographies! and we all agree there is a large amount of great photos on TE which are worth being published.
I agree with José Elias about smaller projects though. The Tsunami project gave already some experience for a project like this.
Vanity is another issue, Filip, and it´ll be treated in another point, ahead in the project.

Homerhomer 06-21-2005 08:33 PM

Re: Trekearth Book
once upon a time I was a part of the group that produced a calendar, worked great, each photo submitted had to have donation with it (think it was $5), and we knew how many copies will be ordered, so the printing company told us the price for so many copies, printed as many copies as we have paid for. The calendar was priced at $20, and all profit from the operation (probably no more than few hundred bucks) was given to charities.

If one thinks of a book project in this fashion it may work, however if you think of selling it to general public.... hmmm, it would have to be something really special.

I have rented number of photography books from the library, and honestly wouldn't pay a penny for most of them

Take for example book with HCB photos, well photos are fantastic, but so what, I can see them online, the book had nothing else to offer, but on the other hand "Dogs, dogs, dogs" by Elliot Erwitt, I bought and this is why:
1) fantastic images
2) good reading
3) I like dogs, so the books appealed to me not only as a photo maniac but a dog lover, it was addressed to more than just photography specific group.

That book sold, well because it was done by well known artist, book done by TE group, well it would have to have not only something special in it, but a smart marketing behind it if it is meant to be sold anywhere but to few TE members.

kinginexile 06-21-2005 08:59 PM

Re: Trekearth Book
I notice that the people trying to make more sense and appraise the difficulty of the project write longer replies, save Kikvel.
Tell me if i am wrong, but not one administrator has yet said "great!", and i believe Adam knows how much work he will have to put into this, just coordinating things.

Kikvel, others, write up a concrete project synopsis, show your real interest by starting spending time on it. Simply saying it's a good idea, others have done it, we have editors here (maybe the first ones cringing at being called upon), is not enough.

i actually think this is what should have been done before putting the idea in a thread.

BTW, there are more than 1% publishable pictures on TE. It's not like every picture has to be book cover worthy. For the pix contents inside the books, I went to a lot of bookstore lately, and thanks to 9 months on TE, I was able to apply critical eye to quite a few books . Some guys have the knack to sell themselves, or they are simply making their passion a profession. Still, not all their pix (and sometimes books) are an easy notch above many TE shots.

On the other hand, i saw yesterday "african ceremonies". i was blown away, absolutely fantastic book, separating the women (the authors are) and the boys. Can a TE book really make an addition on the photography shelves of a bookstore, or just be another nice book to flip thru after another.

sorry for being abrupt, just writing as i talk, do not mind, OK?...



kikvel 06-21-2005 10:46 PM

the project is feasible
the pictures are here!

We just have to set the goal and scope of it

I do not have much time now, I have to flight in a few minutes, I will continue this thread saturday when I come back



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