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Saudi Arabia
"Photography is an effective tool in capturing social reality, thus, also influencing the necessity to think, analyze, and act to achieve personal and societal harmony." jdeluna

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Jose de Luna is a photographer and visual artist, creatively fusing his skills and ideas with the contemporary digital art form. As a professional, Jose de Luna has been instrumental in the promotion of photographic arts by means of instructional media development. He has been conducting photography and digital imaging workshops and courses in Saudi Arabia for the last four years. At the same time, he utilizes his creative techniques in designing various training materials, both print and online media, for the Saudi Aramco Training and Career Department. To enhance his imaging techniques, he frequently conducts numerous photography shoots ranging from weddings and other special events, to glamour portraitures, and product, nature and landscape photography.

The creative style and approaches reflected in Jose de Luna's photographic works are very much indicative of the unique Filipino tradition and culture. Jose de Luna presents his ideas in a different manner, sometimes adding a flavor of subtleness and poetic rhymes in his titles for creative purposes and to highlight the subject's social relevance.

Jose de Luna received formal education in the Philippines from a prominent Jesuit institution, the Ateneo de Manila University from 1982-1986. At college, de Luna experienced extreme poverty by way of various social immersion programs sponsored by the university. His deep commitment to social work was further augmented by his Catholic faith and belief in the theology of liberation. After earning a degree in Business Management, he joined the university as a Training Coordinator in one of the university's community outreach programs. In his continuous search for social meaning, de Luna became actively involved in socio-political mass movement work and uprisings in the Philippines until he left the country in 1991.

In this year, de Luna worked outside the Philippines for the first time. He worked as a documentation specialist for the United Nations in Kuwait until 1995. During this time, de Luna came to understand that he could not really escape the harsh realities and atrocities of war and political turmoil happening in the Philippines, since there are various forms of war everywhere.

Currently, de Luna is working in Saudi Arabia as a senior desktop publisher, a photography trainer, a freelance photographer, and a visual arts design consultant. In his continuous search for social harmony, economic equality, political stability, and inner peace, de Luna utilizes his photographic skills in presenting reality and at the same time challenging individuals to think, analyze, and act accordingly.

In Jose de Luna's photography, you will see a lot about the Filipino values, its people and surroundings, the unique culture and traditions, the Catholic faith, and most of all the unique vision of the Filipino character that transcends simple reality to great works of artistry.

In all that we do, it always helps if we constantly think that we are doing something Ad Maoirem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God).
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