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United States
Always looking for the creativity in Life. I live in Plant City, Florida with my two sons(Ari and Andrew), my husband Jon, and Spooky our cat and Max our crazy dog. I enjoy reading a good book while floating around the pool, and Look forward to family summer vacations at the cottage in Michigan and someday will get to travel the world.

While I'm on my own creative journey, In my spare time, I'm writing about things I love and enjoy, mostly creativity, things that hopefully inspire others and bring hope and joy. As I fight against following the EGO I'm trying to live authentically and follow where the Muse takes me. I was lucky enough to travel as a child and be surrounded by talented, sweet people and know the struggles and frustrations of following the roads less traveled. I've always wanted to write, so this is just me trying to write. Whatever happens..Happens. It is what it IS!!

I'm a very visual person and always have been. I love color, texture, mood, composition, style, contrast, you name it. I love art, photography and things that make people stop and think and maybe even enjoy. That's where my blogs come in. My goal is promote the artist, Photographer, Giver, cause, site that I'm writing about. No negativity here! If I don't Like it, I don't write about it. My posts are often short, and I try to make them sweet, and my desire is to GRAB the reader's attention and direct them to the source of the original post, artist, site etc. I try always to have permission for my images..ANy QuesTIons? Thanks for reading :-)
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