To holmertz: Perspective of experiences

  • Thank you Gert,

    Like everyone, I also draw conclusions from my experiences.
    But I was only 15 days in Ukraine. 15 days full of experiences but of course still very limited.

    You can not get to know a country or a people in that limited time. I realize that my experiences are not necessarily shared by others who may even have been there at the same time.
    The way I have experienced a place is not necessarily identical for others.

    Several times I got the feeling that Ukrainians and especially young people consider Lviv as the leading city in the country, giving direction for a more free and democratic modern nation.
    However I realize some of them loved Lviv just because of its many cafes and nightlife.

    Other visitors of Ukraine may have heard other opinions and perhaps these other opinions are even numerous. I donít know ...

    I myself have not been impressed that much by Odessa.
    I agree the city has a lot of beautiful architecture. But (at least in July) the prevailing mood was the one of a popular holiday resort with a slightly mundane atmosphere.

    I know one thing for sure. Ukraine has to be visited in summertime. This for the weather. Ukraine has beautiful summers. And everywhere enough room in hotels and restaurants.
    After all, the country is visited almost only by Ukrainians.

    Have a nice Sunday!
  • I loved the tree lined streets of beautiful 18th-20th century Russian buildings in central Odessa and the elegant area above the Potemkin stairs. I never bothered with the streets along the sea, where I suppose you found the "mundane" atmosphere. Lonely Planet describes this area as "seedy". Maybe my general impression had been different if I had spent time along the beaches.
  • Hi Gert,

    No, with 'mundane' I meant the center of Odessa and near the top side of the Potemkin stairs.

    I've been only about two hours at the seaside. That part wasn't much interesting. Just a place where you could meet the average Ukrainian on summer vacation.

    But we each have our own impressions and sensitivities.

    Best wishes,