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Good AdrianW 2008-10-05 21:39

Nice shot Janos! The sky's interesting, with lots of high wispy Cirrus clouds, and the pink tint to them adds just a touch of all three primary colours to your composition.

The sandstone bluffs make an interesting backdrop; and the trees towards the centre of the frame are nice too.

Compositionally I think I'd have liked a more obvious focal point; there are lots of elements here, but unfortunately to me they seem to be vying for attention, rather than forming a coherent story. If the sandstone is the subject, personally I'd like it to be more prominent in the composition I think. I might be tempted to crop the lower quarter off the bottom, as the cars in the car park don't add positively to the composition IMO. That said, composition is very much subjective, and how I see something can be very different to how anyone else will see it!

Something's not right technically though, unfortunately I'm having a hard time pinning it down precisely. The highlights on the trees seem to lack detail; particularly towards the right hand edge. Oddly the histogram looks reasonably sane; although you've slightly overexposed the sandstone itself, it's not a major issue for the majority of it. The histogram doesn't look chopped either, but it feels like a solarization/quantization type effect. Interestingly if you convert it to 256 colours, then there's very little change to the image; I'm wondering whether it accidentally got converted at some point? How did you process it?

P.S. Deleting your pictures is one way to guarantee no-one will visit them; martyrdom awaits you ;)

P.P.S. Panoramic format images are always a hard sell on the Trek sites and Flickr; as a 150px width thumbnail shows a lot less detail for panoramas. I'm sometimes tempted to shoot for square for that reason!

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Default To AdrianW: thanks for the detailed analysis

Thank you, Adrian for this expert analysis. Unfortunately I don't have access to the tools you seem to have ie. histogram, 256 colours etc. I don't even know how you can put my picture to that kind of analysis.
This picture was done by RAW imaging, slightly adjusted for
temp. exposure, brightness and contrast etc. nothing more.
I wouldn't cut the bottom off because the cars add human scale, otherwise you can't guess the height of the cliffs.
This focal point business doesn't apply here because the idea is a spacious longitudinal panorama.
Do you find the pic perfectly sharp though? I always feel these landscapes don't come out perfectly sharp although I focus carefully and use a good camera (Canon 300D). What do you think?
Maryrdom doesn't matter, because if after 50 views no one
gives it a point it's guaranteed no one ever will.
Thanks for pointing out the positive aspects and the single.
Please continue this discussion. Best regards, Janos
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