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  xuaxo 2008-03-23 14:10

Bonsoir Marie-Louise,
Noz vat!
It's always good when a people is proud of their heritage.
Even better when is a little Breton with the beautiful costumes.
Ken ar c'hentaρ,

Old 03-24-2008, 02:00 AM
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Default To xuaxo: Mutilingual!

Well I never! Penaoz man an trao ganez?
Yesterday, I came upon your gallery, as I was looking for people to write Spanish to. It was only after I had written that I realised you were Portuguese, but living in Mexico it seems!
So I am rather surprised to see you write breton too! Where on earth did you learn it?
I unfortunately don't know enough breton, although I understand it quite well! You might know what happened to the Breton language: The French government made sure it destroyed it within the rules!
My parents whose mother tongue it is , were punished severely at school , for speaking it , even in the playground. They were also made to believe they were backwards if they spoke it!
So, when we were little, they spoke it with their generation, but not to us; that's why we understand, but don't speak much of it!
Now, you will tell me that if people like you can learn it, why shouldn't we?
Which I try to do! But, I find it a very difficult language, and I would need more time to study it properly. I am also trying to keep up with my Spanish and my Italian.
However, I do intend to keep up with my breton too, even more so, when people like you put us to shame!
Kenavo ar wech all, haga trugarez evid komzet va yez en danjer hag en argoll!
I have only a friend on TE, who speaks breton as far as I know. It's vbbreizh, a fan of our beautiful breton chapels!
Gand karantez!
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Old 03-24-2008, 07:56 PM
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Default Re: To xuaxo: Mutilingual!

Demat dit Marie-Louise!
I understand very well all that you have written (I mean, the English part...). It's very wrong what the central governments did against other languages, both in France and other countries.
Well, I don't know Breton. Ne gomprenan ket! But, I do love languages and cultural diversity. So, I'm interested in languages and I understand a few. As I love languages, sometimes I like to use a few words. That's what I did; I just copied the words from the internet (<a href="" target=_blank>Jennifer's Language Page</a>, for example).
As I like cultural diverstity, I often change my virtual location on my TrekEarth profile, just for fun! These days I put it Mexico (when I posted my last Tijuana photo).
In reality, I am Portuguese and nowadays I live in Portugal.
Nozvezh vat,
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Old 03-25-2008, 01:04 AM
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Default Re: To xuaxo: Mutilingual!

Boa Noite Francisco e obrigado!
I don't know Portuguese, but I'll use what I can from Jennifer's language page! It's a very good idea!
I completely agree with you in your love of languages and cultural diversity. I think it's urgent to save that diversity in the dictature of Anglo-saxon, macDonald's and Coca Cola!
Ate breve!
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