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  robiuk 2005-08-16 13:42

Hi Ishai,
No matter who loves who and who is what, I'm afraid I don't understand how and in which way this photo is "a very good reflection what tolerance is".
What I see here is just a person pushing his tongue into another person's mouth.
Thanks for sharing,

Old 08-16-2005, 10:29 PM
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Default To robiuk: Street Parade 2005 (#3)

Robert, too bad you made it as a comment and not a critics
I don’t mind that I don’t get a point.
I’m showing with this series different kind of People going and having fun at the
Loveparde is Zurich
Some are extreme and some are just portraits
Not to much Post processing .
Very simple I was there and this is what I experienced.
Tolerance is that even person pushing his tongue into another person's mouth.
Its OK if its fun for him why not

And what about two girls ?
Or a man and a women ?

I wonder ?
By the way,in the newspapers you see everything too /where is the line ?
Let me know I’m interested.
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Old 08-17-2005, 03:16 AM
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Default Re: To robiuk: Street Parade 2005 (#3)

Hi Ishai,

Just a quick reply as I'm ready to go to bed (have to get up very early!).

First of all, thanks for your reply to my comment. And let me answer some of your questions.

1) The reason I made it as a comment is simple - I think this photo has no particular value but the one that reminds YOU of the event you witnessed and for your personal photo album and as such I'm unable to critique it (now this you could call a critique). I could've written some crappy stuff and give you a non-point smiley, but I didn't want to offend your intelligence - after all, I don't write critiques because of giving smileys (points) but to draw attention to some points and give my personal opinion.

2) A person pushing his /her tongue into another person's moouth is not about tolerance for me - it's more about bad taste (remember, we are talking now about a photo posted on TE, so when I say "bad taste", I mean photographic-wise).

3) What about two girls & what about a man and a woman, you ask?
In my comment I wrote: "No matter who loves who and who is what...", meaning I don't care if the 'kiss scene' involves hetero-, bi- or homosexuals (or whatever the couple's sexual preference).

But to cut the long story short (as I feel this may lead to a longer debate - where starting one wasn't my initial intention), I understand that this photo of yours shows just a moment of fun during this year's Gay Pride in Zurich, but as a viewer I truly don't feel that this capture may even be considered as a documentary shot.

To finish this late night scribbling, I'm not judging your entire work, you've got quite a lot good photos in your portfolio, your entire Zurich series was perfectly acceptable so far, I would say VER GOOD - I'm only expressing my disagreement with this particular photo and that's all.

Catch ya later,

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