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  • Since soon after 10 AM Pacific time today I can't write any critiques. I only get a message saying "Invalid ac_i_query". As I tried to edit the note of the photo I just uploaded the message was "Invalid update_title_note_query".

    The reason I wanted to edit my note was that TE as from today doesn't accept letters featuring diacritical details, such as accents etc. Only pure "English" letters are accepted. I remember the same problem from a few years ago. Instead of such an un-English letter there is a question mark on a black background.

    The problem of writing critiques doesn't seem to affect everyone, but the problems of diacritics looks universal.

  • Same in France
    The problem starts at 19 h PM
  • It seems the problems are connected. I couldn't post a critique at first, but when I left out the apostrophe (which is also affected) in didnt, it worked.
  • Thanks Lars for a smart observation. It is indeed the apostrophes that cause the trouble. Let us just hope that somebody in the US does something about it.
  • Something is still wrong...
    Hello everyone,

    I'm still having the same problem that Gert mentioned earlier. I'm unable to write critiques. I'm getting the same invalid query message. Let's see what happens...

  • glitch
    I have this on my main page

    Mon int�r�t pour la photographie a d�but� lorsque j'ai commenc� � travailler pour une compagnie a�rienne le 2 avril 1969 jusqu'� ma retraite le 1 d�cembre 2005. Ma premi�re cam�ra a �t� une Kodak Instamatic, ensuite j'ai utilis� des cam�ras 35mm Minolta SRT100, Minolta X700 et Nikon F80. Je suis pass� � une cam�ra num�rique Nikon D70 au mois de novembre 2004, une Nikon D300 au mois de juillet 2008. Depuis le mois de juillet 2015 j'utilise une Nikon D7100.

    Mes pr�f�rences en photographie,

    photos d'aviation
    photos de la nature
    photos d'architecture
    photos a�riennes

    The problem has to do with the the apostroph or the accent of the french langage. It is not the first time this is happening.

    O hope the technical team will solve the problem soon.
  • .....
    only very short messages seems available.
  • Lars is right! I've tried and it worked. We have had this problem before!
  • This is being fixed, thank you for your report!
  • I can't upload any photo.