Correcting Perspective - Freeware.

  • Hello - I have tried various tools to correct perspective (converging lines) distortion and have found them difficult to use. Today I found a nifty editing programme called Shift N and its free. It seems to work really well and perhaps some of you would be interested in having a look. Here is the link

    Now I'm off to play some more with it!

  • "ShiftN"
    Hello Rosemary,

    Thank you for adding this useful little bit of information to the forum.

    I've downloaded ShiftN (hopefully without all the advertising guff which wanted me to change my browser's homepage) and had a quick look at it.

    It seems as though it could be of some value but quite how useful it might be I am not quite sure. I don't seem to be able to see a Preview as I move the sliders in the manual window which is a bit of a disadvantage - unless, of course, I'm doing something wrong. And I'm not quite sure what the right window shows with all its squiggly blue and green lines.

    But, as you say, it's yet another addition to the group of little free photo editing programs I have collected over the years!

    Kind Regards,

  • John .... This is what you do.
    Import your shot in JPG format after your usual editing.

    Click on Automatic Correction. Click on Adjust Correction if you wish to fine tune, you may wish to if the auto correct is too boxy looking. Click on Save and Exit.

    The green and blue lines on the RHS show the computation of the vertical and horizontal features

    The shot will be saved with a slightly changed name so it won't get confused with the original JPEG.

    Have another go.... its great fun.


  • Pretty Good.....!
    Hello again Rosemary,

    Yes, I've given it a whirl on one or two JPEGs and it does seem pretty good even in automatic mode. The file size seems to increase quite a bit but I see no aberrations in the pictures at all.

    Definitely worth considering for correcting those verticals! So - thanks for this!

    Kind Regards,


    P.S. I must confess to not having viewed the "Tips and Techniques" part of the forum very much but I can see that it might be very useful.

    There's a program (really a Photoshop plug-in) which I have been using for ages called "Smart Curve" from "Easy Filter" - another free download. You can plug it into any version of Photohop Elements and it provides you with a very useful "Curve Tool" - something which is sadly missing from Elements. It might be useful for those who cannot afford the full-blown version of Photoshop and so I might post something about that later on this forum. Do you think that would be a good idea?
  • Yes...
    In a word John I think it would be worth uploading the PS Plug-in with a bit of an explanation.

    I'm pleased you got to grips with the perspective correction tool. I think its very clever. The man who designed it worked it all out mathematically! Must be a bit of a boffin


  • Anybody know other programs? (Not using PS).

    Especially for Linux?
  • ...
    Quote: Anybody know other programs? (Not using PS).

    Especially for Linux?
    You can try the GIMP, t has a perspective correction tool, it works for Linux and it is free....
  • Hello friends,
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  • ShiftN
    He is a very good software I use it since many years
  • Thanks for that, Rosemary. A useful program and very easy to use.
    However, I think members wishing to try it might like to download it from here:

    The CNET link very cunningly leads one into the installation of several other bits of unsolicited software, unless one is very vigilant in pressing greyed-out 'Decline' buttons and making sure 'Custom install' is selected.