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Old 09-12-2011, 09:08 PM
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Talking To bema: answers

Hi Bernd,
many thanks! I'm glad that you liked this picture!
let me clarify your questions

- this photo was not taken from inside one of those cabins (which I mentioned in the note to my previous upload).

I shot this photo while standing at the very top of Mt. Pilatus, and there was more or less open space around me

And it is impossible to shoot such a view while riding in such an aerial cabin... they go among trees - along the slope, and the landscape around is quite different! (I will post photos of this landscape later)... they travel at a rather low height.

- sunbeams - rays of sun (whatever you call it)... It is just such a strange effect! perhaps I got this effect because I did not use a CPL filter.
Concerning the quality... well... maybe because of the RAW format?..
while being on Mt. Pilatus, I shot all the photos in RAW (as I took into account my previous rather sad photo-experience last year when I went to Mt. Rigi and shot almost all the photos in JPEG!!!

the sun was high - almost right above my head, which helped me a lot because when I was shooting photos in all directions (360 degrees, the areas around Pilatus), the sun was not shining directly into my camera.

- in this photo the sun hid itself behind those light clouds for a few moments... and thus curious lighting conditions arose! I shot several photos (vertical and landscape variants), and so I posted one of them here tonight

Warm regards,
have a nice evening!
PS. I've just had an argument with a friend of mine who says that this photo is too light and I should have made it darker... but she views photos on a Mac, and I have a PC! LOL
that's the problem...
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Old 09-12-2011, 09:54 PM
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Default thanks..

Hi Elena,

thanks a lot for your nice and absolutely informative answer.. i΄m really appreciated about.. shooting in RAW, that΄s an adventure i will like to proof in a later term... this time i appreiated a jpeg shooting, till my photographic skills will be a bit better than now..

think i can tell you a few questions, when i will start the "future" ??

see you around, have a nice night, regards Bernd
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Old 09-12-2011, 10:51 PM
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Default Raw

Bernd, I'm glad that the questions were clarified

I just would like to add a few words about RAW...
Till some time ago I shot mainly in JPEG - God only knows why! But I think thus I have lost forever a lot of precious shots... (from the technical point of view) Those moments will never return.

RAW helps a lot to recover "helpless" photos (sometimes completely helpless)! But of course, for editing RAW photos you need a special program.

If you have a program for editing RAW photos, I would suggest you should try shooting in RAW. That's what I did... I set the camera for shooting both in RAW and JPEG at the same time: that is, you get 2 images at the same time. It takes more space on the memory card, but at least you can compare! compare and learn to edit...

I must say that it can be very exciting when you see that a completely hopeless photo becomes - well, not a masterpiece LOL ... but a photo which looks quite good! all colours are present, the vibrance, saturation, sharpness... etc. Every tiny detail can be adjusted in RAW!

it's impossible to do it with a JPEG image when a lot of technical data is lost at the process of shooting .. Alas!... I've made sure of it many times!

I don't think that you should wait till your photographic skills become better... we learn in the process, so why not try? no harm trying
If you don't like it, you can always switch back to shooting in JPEG only.

think i can tell you a few questions, when i will start the "future" ??
Of course! without any shade of doubt!

warm regards,
and good nite!
aka fanni
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