A day in the life of Africa

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  • I know I am much less involved in this community lately, but I just came back to paste a link to the lovely gallery.

    The gallery is in Olympus web site.
    You see photos captured one moment sliced off from an ordinary day in Africa. I also liked the sound played on the gallery. Enjoy!

    Here is the link.
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    That's a great show. I'll be spending six months in Africa next year (mostly Uganda and S. Africa, but hoping to travel some), and it got me even more excited about the trip. Thanks!
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    Fantastic galleries : you can spend hours dreaming with that live street or jungle sounds recorded. That's I think a big lesson for who'd want to set up a photo website : don't forget a mike and a recording device wherever you go!

    The photos would give any photographer a sheer envy to pack up a bag and fly to the heart of Africa (even for the asian biased phoogs ;D...), I was especially impressed with time zones 02 and 04.
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    Although not related to photography, speaking of travel audio, take look (actually a listen) at www.quietamerican.org. Look under Discography or Field Recordings for some great travel sounds, mostly from SE Asia.
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    Thanks for that invaluable link, Mimi... I didn't know this site but that's precisely what I'm looking for.

    I'll try to bring in the complete atmosphere linking some of my photos to their recordings.
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    and if you prefer to see the photos printed you can pick up a book from amazon.com starting at $14.
    ISNB 0971802106
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    I've been familiar with this site for quite a while. Of special interest is the work of Magnum guy Alex Majoli: ALL HIS PICS were taken with small Olympus digicams, and they are out of this world, which shows that...oops, it's not the camera that makes the shot but, hum, the person behind the lens.
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    spectacular. thanks for posting.

    makes me want to travel baaaaaaad...
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    Nice link Zig ! That's really a good idea to ask so many photographers to catch a look at Africa in this way. Another favorite !

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    Hi Lauryn that's a great website! thanks for posting.