Ricoh GX-100 hands on review

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    hi Francis,

    I was have been looking at the GX100 and GR-Digital. What I really want is a digital Konica Hexar, but that won't happen. If you can answer something for me, though, about these 2 Ricohs, that would be great.
    1- Which camera is better at high ISOs?
    2- How bright and large is the viewfinder on the GX100?

    maybe more questions later...


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    They'r both crap at high isos with these differences:
    1. The GR in BW mode poduces a film-lke grain at the higher isos
    2. The GX100 apparently uses quite heavy noise reduction after iso400 and according to a recent review in dpreview it's pretty obvious. GR doesn't as much.
    Also the GR lens is simply better - it is of Leica quality, a beautiful, undistorted 28mm fixed gem.

    The electronic viewfinder of the GX100 is actuakky tiny and not terribly bright though visible outside in dailight. Its tilting capability is nigh useless becuase you can't see thrugh it if you hold it wasit high so...

    I would seriously consider the GR if I were you and thinking along the lines of the Konica hexar. Or I would wait for the release of the much awaited SIgma DP1 which sports a huge Foveon sensor and a fixed 28mm lens...
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    I am tired of waiting for the near mythical DP1... but it is something I am interested in... minus the slow f/4, which is what is more appealing about the Ricohs. Also, has anything been said about the Sigma at high ISO?

    What about this square format that I read about in the GX100? Does the GR have this as well? What kind of resolution does the GX100 have in square format? Any 28mm optical viewfinder will work well on the GR, right? Or does it have to be the Ricoh one?

    I was also looking at the Panisonic LX2, but I here that is even worse at anything about 400ISO.

    i really wish there was a digital hexar!

    thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
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    GR will give yu the same funky formats as the GX, okay?

    Asfor optical finders, I got a resonably priced Voigdlander 28mm foe a song and it works BETTER than the overpriced Ricoh one.

    It's the GR you want, man, currently available for a few hunded bucks...
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    where can you get it for a few hundred? I can only find it for around $600. I was thinking of the Voigtlander 28mm.
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    The GR is now on special sale in Japan for 49,000 Yen, I kid yu not. That's a bout $400.
    The Voigdlander viewfinder you might find second hand for not too much and it is super clear and bright...
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    damn, that's a deal. Adorama has it for about 650! Can I buy it online from Japan? can you recommend a site?
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    SUre. Try (MAP CAMERA) That might work.
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    hahaha, I found the GR on there but sure can't follow!
  • Re: Ricoh GX-100 hands on review
    Dude... Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see ENGLISH
    Click on that and again scrol down to the info form below - tell them all about yourself and what you're looking for. SImple as that...