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    <i>and especially the idea that photography is an accurate way to portray reality, which I do not believe at all.</i>

    Neither spoken or written words are an accurate way to portray reality.

    Or in other words, photography and written or spoken words are an accurate way to portray the reality that their authors have perceived or even worst, a reality that those authors want you to perceive.
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    First Thank you for all the details....Lots of learnings from that(well i've still not learnt as to how to put a general reply to a topic in discussion!)...Now to give you the reson why i started this(everything here is with TE in context!)... As joseelias says it is neccessary for the photographer to explain the context...why he shot what he shot? and under what circumstainces?...If not a photograph is more of an art rather than a medium to express desired results... Imagine NG's photographs without notes...probably you wouldn't be able to distinguish kenya from tanzania...what made me start this is i find a lot of indian portraits showing poor people...yes these people have beautiful expressions as a result years of poverty, i agree...but i found photogrpahs to be meaningless without notes... they were photographs LOOKING AT AND USING the subject as an element of composition rather than a human being...well incases where the photographer is unable to give information on the subject(like a beggar on the train, etc.) i believe he/she should atleast tell as to what made him take the photograph...I'm Strongly against considering Portraits as art form!
    :-) pracas
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    <i>I'm Strongly against considering Portraits as art form</i>

    I suggest you tell this to the London's National Portrait Gallery curators. I'd like to see their reactions ;-)