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Great Juzo 2011-12-08 4:09

Hi Isabella,
Ah, I have had my battle with mods over the years, the thing that irks me is the lack of sensitivity on some occasions athat saw the finest photographers here leave forever, and we were left with blannd postcard images. I sense that some good things come back, such as you sensibilities (as shown here with the light). I suggest write back and get your image allowed back, but I am with you, photography is an artform and by strangling with censorship, we lose the finest art and those that express something...we learn in many differnet ways.

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Default To Juzo: Banned

My fight with them is so old and so stupid ...and no more energy to fight again
I was banned for almost 3 years , not allowed to make critiques , only comments and more than 200 pics of mine were deleted
I am sorry the new members cant feel or have what we had when TE was a great part of our life .
Not anymore now
Still i owe to TE something : TE bringing to me real friends, now i am partner in real life with some, my sister changing job and becoming professional photographer and a lot of joy because of old TE spirit
Thinking , trying to balance all now
But i am reallly tired with police , not rules , police only
Thanks for support to all my friends
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Default te

Hi Isabella,
I do have TE to thank for alot, for it got me started in attemtping photography some 4 years ago. My previous life had been as a musician, and as much as music inspires me, the lifestyle wore me out. Photography became a new outlet. People like Frank Peter Lohoff, Francis Harrisson and many more encouraged me here..sadly most have gone. I came back to post and also connect with those that stayed, and to find new people to connect with, I mean there are some very obscure contibutors here that are ..fantastic and real photographers (check out Em Chan or Don Michael Brown for example).
Part of me just posts and I don;t anticipate much reaction, as my shots do not always fit with the current climate of dull postcards. Some people, obsessd with sharpness and digital perfection become experts in their own minds and do not understand the delights of simple street photography, or the abtract, the use of distortion, blur noise, the use of natural light. I had one shot 'say a spell' that amazingly was not deleted, but it caused negative and positive and honest reaction..and I loved that, in that sense, it is the photo I like best of mine.
The feel is of more censorship to make the site more mainstream for advertising etc, but if one looks, the contributions are less, the quality of images have declined.,..hardly a model of success. I am sure each contibutor here are great people and of course the postcard style is valid, although rarely inspiring, but I still look for that new photographer, who still has not found their feet, and they post something that has a feel, potential, despite the faults...and that is beacause that was ME 4 years ago, I tried to post images that had idea's, but they were not great, but some of the best here showed me the way to develop.
Have a great weekend
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