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    Hi Adam,
    You can sign me up for beta testing...
    Thanks in advance
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    I am not so enthusiastic. Colors/design are fine. Much better than now.

    But presentation too crowded. Why is there a need to see the favorite photographers with the thumbnail on our profiles ? That makes for too many images, gives a confusing impression. For me there is lots of information given on a page (last critique given, received, etc), which I can get myself if I want too, no need to see in on a permanent basis. My two cents:).

    Also I think it a better idea to keep the nicknames instead of full names. Expand the number of favorites as mentioned already by Nuno.

    Publicity : I managed to completely get rid of it currently and will on that site too:-).
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    I am not able to find my private lists of "Groups".

    Also, strangely, I have 61 favorite photographers, on the beta site it shows only 52 !
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    Count your favorite photographers. The truth is that you have 52, even if is written 61!


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    Claire, thanks.

    I have never been good with numbers :)).

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    I'm in as well.
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    As a first impression, on the positive side, it is optically more appealing.
    On the negative side, it seems to have more advertising space, or at least the advertising space is more obvious. For now, the main problem is the inadmissibly slow access speed - at least ten times slower than the other version. Too slow for me to have time to assess other features.
    I was not able to upload this message from the beta version.
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    OK pour moi aussi..
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    Hello Adam,

    I'm testing with OPERA;
    Version : 9.64
    Build : 10487
    Platform : Win32
    System : Windows XP

    Thumbnail views are wonderful now.

    There is not any radio button to make received critiques/comments make useful (at "Critiques Received" page). It's available only at related photo page.

    Comments are invisible at photo page, even "comment" link un clickable. This one also problem when using Google Chrome.

    No camera and capture details at photo page (in "Photo Information" section).

    Header and footer are too high for me. I'm continuing to check it.

    All the best,

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    I'd like to check this new version out too... (especially since I recommended an integration of trekearth with cooliris)