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  • Re: Thanks everyone
    I don't doubt that. I've already learned a lot. This is a wonderful place!
    Thanks again.
  • Re: Thanks everyone

    some advice when leaving critiques too, try to see if you can find fault with the pictures, criticise them! the majority of people will take critism well, that is what this site is for, if you see a picture and it would be improved with a straight horizon, or if you feel that it would be better in B & W or if you would crop bits out of it, tell the person in a critique, or even better if you have the know how, do a workshop, people will appreciate it. to get along on here you need to develop relationships with other people, who you will critique and they will critique you in return. im going to look at some of your pictures now, but i have no points left for today, so i will just try to critise them. hope you dont mind
  • Can't thank you enough Danby,
    All your critiques really helped me see where my problem areas are.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to look at them. I have learned a lot from what you wrote!

  • Re: Can't thank you enough Danby,
    no problem, i had abit of spare time and i didnt think that you would be hurt by anything i said after reading this thread, so i gave my honest assesments. i hope your pictures can tell the tale in the future