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Great Manamo 2015-07-29 4:10

Hi Chris,
I have never been to Montenegro, but this is precisely what i have in mind when I think about it. Making the effort to get to a vantage point is always worth it! You get rewarded with a good shot.
I believe I know the answer but if you had to choose, would you keep that cruising ship in the frame or not?

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Default To Manamo: Luxury liners.

Hi Marc

I tried both shots, with and without the cruisers. There were actually 2 big cruisers, each with around 2,500 sometimes spoilt and pampered passengers. I overheard one of them on the walking track saying she was going back to the cruise ship salad bar as the food served in town is 'questionable'. You can see the smaller shuttle boats going to and from the liner. The other liner is out of frame anchored to the left. Makes me wonder why some people travel at all? Probably just to brag they've been there. The food and water in Montenegro are safe and delicious. The only time local water is a concern is after major floods when dead animals might be washed into reservoirs, but that is true in Australia too and probably Canada as well. I like both shots. I loaded this one as the liner is placed on the 1/3 axis and balances the tower at right. But from a purely selfish pov, I'd prefer these big luxury liners stay away from pristine tourist attractions and not anchor there at all. The extra crowds, traffic and pollution they generate are unwelcome. Many passengers expect to be chauffeur-driven everywhere rather than walk. Kudos to those that at least make the effort to walk around.

In Geiranger Fjord in Norway, they have sensibly restricted the number of cruise liners to 2 a day only. They belch black smoke that spoils the view and air quality.

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Very interesting discussion!!
There are many types of travellers. I've always entertained the idea that there are main groups. There are the travellers and then there are the tourists. It might sound like they're the same. But they're not! Tourists want the comfort of their home when going abroad. They don't necessarily want to learn about the culture/food/people. At least it's not their main objective. When they arrive somewhere, they act like they own the place. They talk loudly, complain, take snapshots, selfies, etc...
Travellers, you can't always tell if they're travelling or if they belong. They usually like to try things. Try new foods, find new roads, find new places, new angles, makes new friends. They chat with locals, They're not in a hurry...They enjoy their time.

I was pretty sure someone like you tried both alternatives, with and without the ship. I agree with you that technically, it balances the shot. But personally, and I hope you won't take it badly, I believe I would prefer without. My reasoning is that it is so big, and so placed in a strategic spot, that it becomes too much of an anchor (excuse the pun) in the composition. It becomes a focal point and prevents a good flow when looking at the picture. My eyes keep coming back at it and I don't find it particularly appealing when compared to the amazing landscape. It's just my 2 cents. an honest feedback.
I wish you a pleasant day,
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