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Old 11-14-2014, 12:56 PM
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Smile Copyright

Copyright,©, it's every where in our modern society. Another reason for people to boost their egos, this is mine & you need my permission!

Some members put complicated "copyright" rules with every photo they submit, even " this is the intellectual property of….". What a load of balderdash!
If you are so worried of someone making money off your picture, why, oh why, bother to put it on the "".

We live in a very corrupt world, unfortunately, that is reality. I'd love to live in an ideal world, but it isn't happening on planet Earth!

And how about we take this copyright thing to extremes, because any day, everything we photograph, could become copyrighted. I've seen it already at a prestigious motor race. All the photographers now have to sign a copyright form that states that their photos are the property of the race organizers.

What if Paris decided that you need a permit to take photos of the Eiffel Tower, why not, after all if you consider your photo a copyright protected object, why not Buckingham Palace, the Pyramids, the Alps, Mount Fuji…… etc.etc…..then where would photography be?

On television documentaries, t-shirts, advertisements, even car badges are censored, why? Because someone wants money or we don't show the logo!

And please, if you must put your name on a photo, do it discreetly. I've seen some lovely images spoiled by a huge name really poorly placed.

These comments are my personal view, and if they offend anyone…….tough.
You have the right to reply and present your point of view, I can take criticism.

Respectfully yours
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Old 11-14-2014, 01:14 PM
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You are totally right, Edward, and I especially agree with...

And please, if you must put your name on a photo, do it discreetly. I've seen some lovely images spoiled by a huge name really poorly placed.
Thank you for starting this interesting thread, I hope you will get a couple of members willing to participate, I would be really nice!

Amicalement - Viviane
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Old 11-14-2014, 05:11 PM
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Default I agree

I totally agree with Edward.

And even thought I do not protect my photos, I still sell a few each year or has demand for use with credit. There are still some honest people in this world.

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Old 11-17-2014, 11:10 AM
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Default Copyright

Yes I'm in agreement too. For a start, the size of images on this site are relatively small: I wouldn't bother stealing an image that was only around 3mpg (all mine are saved as 100mg 16 bit-depth TIFFs). I sell some images, but I'm not going to be precious about it. If I were a genuine professional, I doubt I'd be putting images on TE anyway. And I echo Viviane's concern about the sheer size of some names and copyright symbols. We know who took the photograph from the title page, and don't need it reiterated underneath, or worse, across the image.

Will Perrett
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