To Darren: waiting

  • To be honest im not sure if this is provocative or just good honest comment
    In both ways I appreciate it and respect it
    I agree that the scan is not the best quality but how many people picture were taken from India
    How many sleeping Tricycle drivers pictures were taken in Asia…

    It’s the different approach that makes a picture different and the personal experience and flavor of the viewer
    Thanks for your honest POV, come back again I value your comment

  • Re: To Darren: waiting
    Hi Ishai. Sorry if I came across as provocative, I didn't mean to. You are right in your comments; there are many shots which are done too often. Cheers and sorry if I offended.
  • Re: To Darren: waiting
    As is said before , I appreciated the comment and I will appreciate it in the future too
    Thank you
    And I am NOT offended.

    See you soon