September travels in Singapore

  • Seeing that it's September, some of you may wanna check out the Mid Autumn Festival celebrations going on in Singapore.

    Every year during the months of Sept/Oct, the Chinese in Singapore celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. Some of the interesting things include a mass lantern walk, eating moon cakes and lots of carnival like bazaars around the area of Chinatown. Do check it out if you've the time, should be an interesting experience. Been to Singapore myself and it was amazing! Loads of stuff to see/eat/do

    Hope this helps!
  • If you like the Mid Autumn Festival celebrations going on in Guilin, China?
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    I have never been to singapore and don't know about there festivals.So,i want to know about singapore,it's amazing city.I want to celebrate my honeymoon in singapore.It will be the great experience!Is anyone here who could suggest me beautiful and attractive places for spending my honeymoon holidays there?I will be very grateful for that.
  • hello..
    can anyone share me photos of the festival