To cry or to laugh?

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  • Tired of not knowing what really think about your own photos? Not sure if you should trust what other members are writing about them?
    Not a problem anymore! ACQUINE is your answer!
    It will say if your photo is below average or highly rated!

    What is ACQUINE? "Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine" is a "machine-learning based online system of computer-based prediction of aesthetic quality for color natural photographic pictures." Incredible, but true! ;)

    Well... I'll admit... it can be depressive at times! :)) One of my photos having been chosen as a favorite by many members is actually... below average having received a mere 19.9/100 !!!! But it could be worse. One of the D-Day landings by Robert Capa has been rated as a 1.5/100. :)))

    Well... I prefer to laugh!

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    Hey Claire;

    Funny site... out of curiosity I went through an assortment of my shots. This one got 76.7/100 while this one only got 15.5/100.

    Wonder what algorithms they use?
    - Dan
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    thanks for the link Claire. A great fun indeed when we saw the result on some photos of most talented photographers : )
    By the way, as you mentionned Robert Capa, here is a link (in French) that could interest you : Les valises de Capa
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    Admitting that the guys are really good technically and academically, it proves that we are still very far from having a machine with aesthetic sensibility. :D

    Many of the posts of mine that I have tested are above 80/100 which makes me very proud (LOL), but some of those with more points were well below 50 and one of them 19.4.

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    claire, this is well funny, thank you!

    the 'lowest' rating (or at least as far as my patience went to check them out ;o))) ) i could get for one of my TE gallery instances was <a href="" target=_blank>4.6/100 for this one</a> (can't blame them though, it has a lousy finishing here) and <a href="" target=_blank>7.3/100 for this one</a>

    what (i think) i figured out is that the machine simply loves blue color cast since i got <a href="" target=_blank>96.7/100 for this one</a> and <a href="" target=_blank>98/100 for this one</a> (!) and also very much likes strong golden cast given by golden hour like <a href="" target=_blank>in this one (95.6/100)</a> or simply 'unattended' white balance like in <a href="" target=_blank>this one (94.5/100)</a>

    ... still love my extremely subjective (trying hard to be) human 'rating mode' a lot better ;o)))

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    Super fun link - thank's for that Claire.

    Really a "must" for many at TE. haha...

    One of my long time favorites at TE: gets no less than incredible <b>13,4/100</b>

    Real fun ;-)
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    in french...
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    I played a little bit with this "thing"
    googled "capa"
    selected four different URLs of the same shot "D-Day Landings"
    here the result for the same photo
    with your 1.5/100
    impressive software ^^
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    It's not accurate. My TanMan got 17.2. Should have been about a 3.