New Full Size Panorama Feature Available

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  • Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available
    "This pic is 800px 300px but I still can't do any LP."

    When I right-clicked on that image it says "800x320", not 300. Are you sure it's 300px high?
  • Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available
    Ooops! I learned the hard way today. Please keep in mind that the ratio must be *greater* than 2.5 (as stated above) not equal to 2.5. So much for *math geeks* like me who like to make things come out even! ;-)
  • Re: Problem posting LP...
    hi, I wanted to post a LP today.
    First, as you said, I posted a 2.5:1 ratio picture (800x320 pixels).
    The picture uplaoded... but now, I can't see "large post" link...anywhere! I can't repost... or do anything else (limit of the day).
    Under the Option column, I only have "Edit" - "Re-post" - "Delete"

    Thanks to help.
  • Re: Problem posting LP...
    OK, try it now. The 'Large Post' link should now be there.
  • Re: Problem posting LP...
    Thanks. OK for the links. I have it now.
    But now... It says that my image must have a 2.5:1 ratio...
    Is 1500x600px isn't?
  • Re: Problem posting LP...
    ha... maybe it's because it's not "must have".... but "must be *greater*... I'll try that.
  • Re: Problem posting LP...
    I solve my problem. Thanks Adam. :-)
  • Still have problem posting large Panorama
    Hi, Again, I do not have under the option column the meu to post a LP.
    The picture I first uploaded is greater that the needed ratio of 2.5:1 (my picture is 800x334).
    Can you correct that, please, Adam?

    Will I have to ask each time or you can correct the problem once for all?

    Thanks a lot.
  • Re: Still have problem posting large Panorama
    Hum... sorry... I read now that the minimum for a 800 pixel large LP should be less that 320 for the height... I made wrong calculs... sorry.
    I'll try to repost tomorrow... since I can't do it today because of the limit permitted. :(
  • Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available
    hy adam
    jrj told me to post the panoramic picture next time i'll have one, and gave me this link, but as a user below here, i don't have the option of posting the large one...
    can you help me please?
    I have <A HREF="">this pic</A> without a frame large lihe this one... and a night shot too...
    thank you very much, i'll be waiting for your answere, M.