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    So who's gonna maim Ronaldo first in the league? Rooney or Van Nistleroy.

    It's a pity that portugal have to resort to diving all the time. I haven't seen that much diving since Germany played Argentina in 1990.

    They have poor attacking skills and I can't see them scoring any more goals.
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    Perhaps footballers should be issued masks and oxygen tanks with their kit.....
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    England had their chances, but they failed to score any goals. Portugal, however had no chances and i didn't think much of their play even when Rooney went. Portugal were a tad lucky to go through if you ask me. I seem to remember that Fifa said that they would stamp down on diving and play acting, but they haven't...and after Portugal's performance it seems that the diving will continue with the players knowing that they will not be punished for it if the ref does not see it. Diving, acting, and time wasting...everyone does it!

    The 'spirit' of football seems to be going down the toilet at an alarming rate and FIFA needs some kind of re-organisation...
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    <I>“Why say that? especially after losing against greece (???)”</I>

    Well, we lost due to respect to the descendants of the western civilization cradle… ;-)

    <I>“the worse thing for the "bleus" now is very much to be considered favorites against Portugal</I>“

    In this matter I expect a super motivated Portuguese team, as they exceeded expectations until now. We surely aren’t as confident as the French (even if they try to be cautious) and that’s an advantage. But it will be a super-tactical game! And these are two teams who can show a fabulous game as they have similarities like a well structured tactic with some excellent individual players capable of unbalancing the game.

    <I>“may the referee stay out of it,”</I>

    Couldn’t agree more. Portugal have seen enough of bad refereeing in this world cup.


    Ron and Will,

    <I>"What next, the Olympic diving competition ?</I> <I>It's a pity that portugal have to resort to diving all the time"</I>

    Maybe… But we still have to learn a lot in that matter with some top teams… And after learning that, we must learn how to pretend to be morally superior. It’s a hard walk but we’ll be as good as you one day… We certainly had some good examples from your part last game which will be studied.

    But if we manage to learn how to make the referees cripple badly the next possible adversary with yellow and red cards, that won’t be necessary anyway.

    <i>"can't see them scoring any more goals."</I>

    Hey, the game is only Thursday… They’re training and resting. It’s natural that you can’t see them scoring… ;-)
    Just be patient…

    <i>"i didn't think much of their play even when Rooney went"</I>

    Well, when two of the most important players are missing (Deco in a suspicious way), and some others have received strange yellow cards it’s natural that a team has to be cautious. I agree that England was more dangerous near the Portuguese area, and Portugal failed a lot of passes between players and didn’t show a great game, but I’m less than impressed with England’s football too.

    You’ve got some great players but haven’t seen them doing anything extraordinary also. When England lost Rooney they’ve became a totally defensive team showing assuming clearly they feared Portugal. Portugal played against Holland almost always in disadvantage and never turned in a 9 defence player team… so I don’t know what you’re talking about.
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    Hi Jose,

    I'm 56 years old and waiting for to see the big day since 1966,Eusébio's time... I watched the match in the movie at that time and I can not forget it and will never... Eusébio vs Korea will never be forgotten...

    I hope this time I'll see the happy end I'll get my big bottle of vine from my dearest friend Sessinando Sa..:)))

    See you again after the game...

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    I really don't see any super confidence from the team or press, but I only read the french papers and sites, so maybe some people from other countries is super confident for them...
    Notwithstanding the french, i'd root for Portugal. I used to root for England as plan B, but cup after cup, they bring a self-defeating manner to their losses, and I think their fans themselves must start to find that annoying.

  • Portuguese Diaspora in Toronto
    Hola Jose and other friends from Portugal,
    I was in Toronto this weekend ... and wow ... i was surprised to see the number of cars that had flag of Portugal fluttering from them.
    Seems like there is tremendous diaspora from Portugal in Toronto.
    have a good day guys
    cheers .... sarju
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    I just don't remember Portugal doing anything 'decent' in attacking. Sure England was defensive, but their attacks did carry on to the end, but as always it didn't amount to much! I questioned the use of Crouch, but maybe he was 'a fresh pair of legs' and Lennon seemed to be having fun. Oh well another wait of 4 years, should be interesting what the new England manager will do...if anything!
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    Besides it's not so much that England is defensive, it's more about them lacking in attacking. Other players, such as Lennon, should have been brought on earlier to provide more chances, but alas the skills upfront let us down!
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    They could gave had Scolari as coach. Can you imagine? He is a fantastic coach, maybe the best in the world and the media basically chased him away. I didnt see any of those lousy British tabloids lay any blame at their feet for that.