1st Stage of New System Completed

  • Since the current critiquing system does not allow for direct replies, this system will be changed to allow multiple replies to specific critiques, and comments will be allowed as well. In order to implement this, it was necessary to revamp the form entry section. There is now an [Edit] link next to one's critiques which may be edited anytime. In the future, once a critique is replied to, the [Edit] link will no longer appear (after a few minutes buffer time).

    If anyone experiences any problems, or has suggestions, please let me know, thanks.
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    Hi Adam. Sorry for being a bit slow on the uptake. :-)Perhaps you can explain this again. Where do I look?
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    "Where do I look?"

    You can see the change by going to a photo which you have already critiqued. There will no longer be a form entry area to edit your critique. You need to click on the [Edit] link next to your critique in order to edit it.

    This change will allow multiple replies/comments to be written (after stage 2 has been finished).
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    Great idea, i like it. :)