Profile Photo

  • I would like to know if other members had their profile photo removed. I had included a photo of me with my wife both wearing blue turbans to reflect our trip to the deserts of Morocco where we spent time with the Tuareg.
    I had no idea that these small photos are also being carefully monitored for any transgressions.I did not even think that strict rules apply here since I have seen avatars and other non realistic depictions of the persons involved.

    I am totally dumbfounded that the moderators have so much time on their hands to involve themselves in a postage sized photo where one hoped some creativity could be involved.
    The kindest explanation I can offer is that it may be a technical glitch.
    I have sent a request for a plausible explanation but in the meantime i would like to hear if anyone knows if apart from the size, strict rules also apply for profile photos.