Allocating the correct city to a picture

  • Today I uploaded a photo to the gallery. In doing so I forgot to select the city in which the photo was taken. I went back to Manage photos and selected to edit the posting. This allowed me to select the city I wished but after I pressed update I noticed that the change hadn't been saved.

    Is there something else I need to do or can Admin amend this for me?

    The photo is entitled Greenyards and the city that should have been selected is Melrose.

  • Hello Finlay,

    I had a look at your picture, the city name has already been mentioned...

  • In a photo I posted a long time ago, in the Brazilian state of Sergipe, the name of the city in the English version of the page appears correctly: Aracaju. But in Portuguese, the name appears as Maceió, which is the name of the capital of the neighbor state of Alagoas. When I try to change it back to Aracaju, I get the message "Invalid insert_city_query".
  • Hello Alexandre,
    I think I have fixed it...
    Can you check please?

  • Now it's right! Thank you, Viviane!
  • Didi just mentioned the city not showing up, which I've never experienced, but I'm going to test out.