"bird-language" - a little help from you

  • Hi,

    I got a critique, that looks like that:

    Γειά σου janos μου άρεσε η φωτογραφία σου.Τρία
    κάδρα το ένα μέσα στο άλλο...καλό και προτώτυποθέμα. Πολύ καλή.
    Φιλικά Γιάννης

    I guess it was written in greek, he doesn't speak english.
    What can I do to understand/translate?

  • Re: "bird-language" - a little help from you
    Hi Jαnos, I'm not Greek, but I applied babelfish, which stinks, but a little help anyway, and better than nothing. Not very <b>much</b> better, though.
    Here's what I got out of that, but maybe there's a Greek person who can translate it.
    "Geja' your Janus I liked your photograph Three frames the one in in the other... good and protw'typoce'ma. Very good. Friendlily Yannis"
    Cheers, Rinie
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    Thanks a lot, Rinie!