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  • I would like to know if other members had their profile photo removed. I had included a photo of me with my wife both wearing blue turbans to reflect our trip to the deserts of Morocco where we spent time with the Tuareg.
    I had no idea that these small photos are also being carefully monitored for any transgressions.I did not even think that strict rules apply here since I have seen avatars and other non realistic depictions of the persons involved.

    I am totally dumbfounded that the moderators have so much time on their hands to involve themselves in a postage sized photo where one hoped some creativity could be involved.
    The kindest explanation I can offer is that it may be a technical glitch.
    I have sent a request for a plausible explanation but in the meantime i would like to hear if anyone knows if apart from the size, strict rules also apply for profile photos.
  • HI Klaudio,

    I have got your mail through Moderator's mail and I must say that I don't understand what has happened here. And you did not give me much time to investigate that problem, didn't you?

    We are 5 of us in the team and I should be the only one who could "edit" an intro but EVEN I CAN'T remove a profile photo.

    I think you were very quick accusing a moderator!

    A "glitch" or a "bug" could be an explanation indeed... So I hope the Tech Team will find an explanation.

    Regards - Viviane
  • Technical Glitch
    Hi Viviane. I think that you are right- I seem to have caught momentarily the virus of "shooting and asking questions later". There are too many members who have developed very thin skins and the need to find fault so I better not become such a one. Having been a member for a number of years and never having had the profile photo removed, I was upset when the latest one disappeared. My first conclusion was that a human hand had to have had something to do with it since nothing like that had happened before. We shall blame a technical glitch. C'est bien comme ca? Amicalement. Klaudio
  • Klaudio,

    I see the profile photo you mention (you and your wife in blue turbans) on your intro page. Are you sure you have emptied your browser cache? If not do that!

    Best regards,
  • Thank you Klaudio,

    You know, as in the Netherlands we use to say, moderators have "long toes"...
    No problem here, just the one the Tech Team may solve.

    Also, do you have, as Kaj suggested, clear your cache?

    Thank you Kaj & greetings to both of you!
  • Hey Klaudio! Could you please confirm if you have cleared your cookies and cache? I need to know that before I report that to our Tech Team.

    I also see your profile pictures correctly.

    Thanks a lot!