To Luko: Luko,

  • its about my disbelief in titles, it is limiting for images i think, viewers should be free to judge the image by themselves not by the image taker's manipulation. The numbers here are just the sequence numbers of my camera and the tags are only options or reminders for the viewers.

    since i am giving discomfort to some guys here, and maybe TE is not ideal platform for this, i might go back though, ;)

  • Re: To Luko: Luko,
    I understand your logic but there is something of the REBEL or the disdainful CORIOLANUS in your attitude. I find the exact same damn thing, LOL! in my young compadre Shailendra here - he throws out his pictures with one title for the same series and sometimes an erroneous, inaccurate tite as well (which makes me doubly mad!). I know you don't play the give-and-take game here on TE, my friend, and that accounts no doubt for the woeful underrapreciation for your fine work, ut I think someone of your undoubted culture and literary sphistication should be able to find it within himself to spin an appropriate and suggestive title once in a while...;o)
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    Evren, I see your point, however would also have to agree with your conclusion that TE may not be the best place for it.
    Think this place is so much more than just a venue to show the photos, imagine how many poeple travel with you while looking at your images, reading stories that come with it, trying to absorb your impressions and feelings. That IMO doesn't prevent us from creating our own views and impressions, we all have different ways of exploring the world through this site (and by world I don't mean just places, but also the places where only an imagination can go), and offering a complete package just gives us more choices.

    IMO sequence numbering from the camera just look messy and gives an impression of you not putting any effort into presentation, it's almost like going to the restaurant and eating a delicious meal from a paper bag instead of a fancy plate.

    Looking forward to your next upload, I am sure you will not spare us a humour or a friendly jab towards us complainers my friend;-)

    Keep well Evren.
  • Re: To Luko: Luko,
    disdainful CORIOLANUS!?? thats a bit over the age dont you think? he was not so sympathetic shakespearean character was he? ;)) but i like the 'identification' in a way. Your witt and extraordinary skills with the words is undoubtedly one of the best among this TE crowd and always fascinated me.

    "...I think someone of your undoubted culture and literary sphistication should be able to find it within himself to spin an appropriate and suggestive title once in a while..."

    what can i say to THAT?? God knows, is it sincere, witty or a feticious comment or what?? ;o))

    ill tell you this though: i've been well known with my rebellious attitude in my whole life, so you're damn right about that! ;o))
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    I guess all I've achieve here is made you stronger in your covviction ;o)))
    Now it's up to Luko and Homehomer, maybe they will have more luck...
    To think of it I recall you going through a Shilendra stage before you went right off the "title road" and started with these file numbers: I recall you had a "series" approach (Moti Bagh Nights). So I shouldn't compare you to Shailendra, it isn't fait to you: your rebellion and utter rejection of titles is far more advanced !!!!
    Coriolanus by the way is a marvelous hero by an measure - his last words are among Shakespeare's mor resonant lines:
    "And if you have writ your annals true
    Tis there that like an eagle in a dovecot
    I fluttered your Voltians in Corioli
    Alone I did it. Boy!""