To ronners: Orange and blue.

  • Late in the day. Rust + 'the golden hour' working together. (Don't think I've got the skills to fake it.)

    I'm not seeing what you're seeing with 'shallow DOF'. Do you mean the dark area to the right should also be in focus? (If so, I'm afraid that I don't agree.) And that speaks to your crop.

    Without the dark area on the right the image is too much "in your face" for me. I need a bit of something other than 'bright' to settle the scene down. But thanks for the look.

    Scaling off the rust - what's not in the frame is a guy off to the left who's putting on a fresh coat of gray paint with a roller. They need to get off the old paint and scale as it can trap water under the paint and further rust the hull.
  • Re: To ronners: Orange and blue.
    Ah, if they are repainting that makes sense... My point refers to the slightly blurred water in the foreground. As far as the composition is concerned, I'm definitely finding myself increasingly in the 'less is more' camp (after spending time trying to figure out why I like certain photos and not others). In this image, I don't need the rope, and I don't need the background - to me personally its somewhat stronger without those parts.