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  • I'm in the market for a new LCD, as the backlight is starting to get dim on my current one. My primary use is (perhaps predictably) photo editing. I don't play games, and I rarely watch video. I'm looking at around the 500GBP mark.

    So, the questions are:

    What monitor are you using?
    Are you happy with it for photo editing?
    Is it calibrated?
    Any issues?
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    my monitor is calibrated, but it's not the best for photo editing.

    Not sure if you have seen this sites, if not you should not only concentrate on brand but also on the panel inside the monitor, the link below has a quick description of panels an what's good for photo retouching
    most inexpensive monitors, and some expensive once have TN panel which is to be avoided,

    On the following site you can enter the monitor and (hopefully) find out what panel is inside
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    Thanks for that Peter. I was vaguely looking at the Dell 2008WFP, but being wide gamut could be a problem, since I tend to use sRGB. It doesn't seem to calibrate well to sRGB according to the reviews.

    The one that I'm probably going to get is the HP LP2475w, which is one of the few semi affordable 24" S-IPS panels out there. Unfortunately the reviews for both of them are a mixed bag; so I thought I'd ask in here and find out whether anyone had one they were happy with!

    P.S. There's an excellent monitor thread here if anyone's interested.
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    My monitor - Samsung SyncMaster 214T.
    In use since October 2006.
    Not calibrated. However, colors look real enough for non-professional photo editing. Some of my photos printed by the professional printing lab have almost the same colors as i see on the monitor.
    No problems with monitor so far.

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    Cool, thankyou Linas!

    I can't believe there are only two people using monitors here ;)
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    Hi Adrian! I have a CRT... works very well...
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    You'll be in danger of becoming retro-chic soon if you keep that up Greg ;)

    21" Artisan? Or something a bit more mundane?

    I still remember trying to carry one of the old 21" NEC Multisyncs... I rapidly came to the conclusion they'd been made out of solid lead, either that or someone had glued it to the desk as a prank! After a while I eventually got used to wandering around with two of the old 15" Multisyncs at a time, but those 21" were diabolically heavy.

    I actually still have my old Sony 17" GDM around in a cupboard somewhere, but to be honest I really do prefer LCD. No flicker, no smearing, no misconvergence.

    About the only thing the CRT was definitely better on was viewing angles, but since I spend most of my time square on to the screen, that's not a major drawback for me ;)
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    Hi Adrian,

    I am using a DELL 24" monitor. It is 5 months old. It is calibrated using the old model of Spyder. I process most of my photos as I use RAW most of the time. I am happy with it.

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    It's a 21" something or other - can't recall just now, but not a common name. Was also glued to the table - I inherited it from my last job when the LCD revolution came. Here at work I have a couple of Samsung 20" LCDs. They're a couple of years old, so I'm sure there are better ones around now, but I find them disappointing for photographs. I have one of them in portrait orientation which is convenient for browsing but unfortunately especially bad for colour...
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    Unfortunely, I am under a bad situation now.

    Before my office was broken, I admired photos of TE through a Samsung LCD monitor, great color experience !

    Now I in front of a Samsung SyncMaster 793MG model, sharpness for a same photo is very different between these 2 model, even the color.

    Now I using a laptop to edit photo, because only my friend have photoshop CS3, I borrow from a friend in weekend. Laptop have another problem, the degree that you open up the screen influence the result of contrast.

    I hope get some tips here to setting the color, lighting....etc of monitor.