Canon 40D

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    Canon 40D = noise...noise...noise...noise

    I was very unsatisfied in the final result, therefore apresnte much noise.

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    the tests in the page you mentioned were done using ISO 3200.
    You will see noise in every DSLR on the market at that ISO level...
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    That's an unfair comparison.

    The D3 is a full-frame camera, whilst the other two are APS-C cameras. The real kicker is the price though, the 40D is 577 whilst the D3 is a stratospheric 2628.

    Since the D3 costs nearly four and a half times that of a 40D, do you think the D3 images are four and a half times better? If so, buy a D3.

    A more sensible comparison would be the EOS 5D vs the D3, as they're both full frame 12MP(ish) cameras. Even then you have to bear in mind that the D3 is a far more recent camera, and it still costs twice as much as the older 5D.
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    But of noise you do not comment. Link also comments 20D and you only write on the D3.

    Greetings, Filie
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    My point is that regardless of the results the comparison makes no sense.

    If you buy a Ferrari 595, of course it'll go faster than a Ford Focus. If you want a Ferrari, and can afford the Ferrari, then obviously you'll buy the Ferrari. If you can only afford a Focus, then that's what you'll get.

    The D3 is a camera specifically designed to produce low noise images at high ISO; for a price. So that's what it does.

    The 40D is a mass market camera designed for mass use. So no, noise levels probably aren't as good as the D3 at high ISO; but it does cost you 4.5x less.

    The 20D was a camera aimed at the same market as the 40D but over four years ago. It's obsolete, and you can't buy any new ones. So it's irrelevant to the vast majority of people unless they already have one.

    The closest Canon model to compare with the D3 is the 1Dmk3; but they're not exact competitors either.

    Or they could compare the 40D with the Nikon D80/D90; that would also be a good comparison.

    Comparing the D3 to a 40D is just silly. I may as well compare the 40D with a Panasonic LZ5. Or a turnip.

    Maybe it would help if I could understand the original article? I can't read Portuguese, and after running it through Google translate, I don't think they can either ;)