Not interested ? Do not care ? Indifference ?

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  • Going through photos that are published on this website noticed one thing - so many views of the photos (80,100,200,300 visitors...) and not a single comment,even negative.
    What is this - people are not interested in what they looking at,do not know what to write,do not care,do not have an opinion about the photo,apathy ?
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    So may pictures, so little time...
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    Hi Mike
    There are two ways of getting smiley faces. First one would be to take good photos (and I mean really good photos not just good snapshots). Second one to join the “smiley faces club”. There are many different ones on this site (it is not official club, I just come up with that name by myself). The purpose of the club is to share smiley faces and good critique between each other, no matter how bad or how very bad the photos are (I have seen some amazing comments attached to some really bad photos, it makes you think, are they all that sarcastic or is it, the blind leading the blind or maybe bit of both).
    I myself just withdrew all my photos from here, after sending only two weeks on TE. They weren't good enough to get noticed and I did not want to join the club. But I must say I have enjoyed the 14 days of going through 10000000000 of photos, and I think the majority of TE subscribers are happy here. Good luck.
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    Sorry, I have to disagree with posting REALLY GOOD photos. I know MANY good photographers (not referring to myself) who post excellent shots and get NO points.

    Being active is the main thing- VERY active. We can then take it to the extreme...

    - Only say REALLY nice things, never anything critical
    - Never comment, people only care about smilies/ points- you won't make friends by commenting.
    - Critique as MANY people as possible everyday.
    - Critique people in your 'click' of friends everyday to stay in their good books (not more then 1 critique a day to them as you don't want to waste critiques
    - Try and critique newcomers as they're looking for acceptance into a new community and may just critique your whole gallery! (fingers crossed)
    - Ensure you reply with 'Thank You' to each and every person who comments or critiques your photos to urge them to come back and give you more points.
    - Be sure to mark every crtique as useful- even if they only said 'I've been to that town'.
    - Mark every workshop as useful, even if all they did was make it look worse.
    - Advertise every new photo you post in the forums to atract as much attention as possible.

    All the best!
    - Dan

    *The above is totally against the TOS, but don't tell anyone... ;-)
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    Every time someone opens a thumbnail the counter registers a view. It´s not necessary to be a member to open a thumbnail. There are 72,858 registered members but I believe no more than 5,000 are active.
    Many people just lurk, others look for info about a specific destination others...
    Hope it helps.
  • Numbers
    Isabel is right :)
    since I joined, 4 people became member just to contact me, they even never posted a photo or wrote a critique. Other just join without thinking and never come back for whatever reason. This group of 'double zero's' is about 60%, over 40000 members.

    Over the years, the number of active members have dropped from 6% to 5%, roughly 3600 . . . but this includes people who were active and stopped participating. Active is defined as a person who wrote more than 100 critiques and posted more than 10 photo's.

    go to the members tab and click on critiques;
    The first 30 members wrote 558000 critiques, that's just over 10% . . .
    The first 100 members 25% . . .
    The first 300 56%
    and 1000 88%

    If your here to enjoy yourself, you can forget about all that. . . . .I hardly ever get a critique in return . . . but I do get nice replies on the critiques I write. . . . The quality in the photo to me is not the color or the nice sky . . . but the story it tries to tell . . . TE is a great site . . . but if you want quality it is a slow process . . . and you'll even end up with some friends:)
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    The other thing to remember is that the number of views refers to everytime the image was loaded; not just TE user views. That means that each time a search engine indexes the page, the count goes up. If someone visits it via a link from a blog, the count goes up. Etc.
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    Dear Dan,
    If you replay with "Thank you"........your picture will be delete, like my last picture in TE "Colours of Lugano".
    Sorry for my bad english.

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    one of the major issue of the web is that lot of people think that all is possible and that you can become famous or rich or whatever by only clicking a buton. You don't have to just upload one or two amazing pict of yours to get feedback from other member, you have to give, first. How can you expect you photos to be seen in the middle of all those uploaded daily in writing only 6 critiques?? Come on...

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    Oops, typo: "how can you expect YOUR..." not you.