To capthaddock: Thanks

  • Hi Tan,

    have you been there before? If not, let me know. I'll send you the list of places we visited. Thanks for your critique.

    Regards, Yvonne
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    I've never been there before. I will be staying at Dom Pedro Baia in Machico north of the airport. I chose that part of the island also because it's near São Laurenço peninsula for early and late light walks. I will have a rental car and drive around the island. Tips would be welcome of course :-).
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    Hi Tan,

    it's a pity you only have a couple of days. When we went there, we visited some relatives of a friend and one of the uncles drove us around. The place I most enjoyed was Pico Areeiro, the second highest peak of Madeira, which is close to Pico Ruivo (the highest one). If you're lucky, you get to see the mountains emerging from a bed of clouds. It's marvellous. And you can walk to Pico Ruivo from there. The ponta de Sao Lourenço is also a nice place. Be sure to look at it from both sides. I also liked Porto Moniz, on the northern part of Madeira, very much. There you can see how the seawater plays with some stones in the water, creating some interesting twisters and waves. Directly in Funchal, the Jardim Tropical is a nice place to walk around and make some shots. It is very large; we were there for about 5 hours and got to see about half of it. You can take the cable car to get there. Other interesting places: Eira do Serrado from which you can see the Curral das Freiras (a small town in a deep valley), Paúl da Serra (when we went there the weather wasn't good, but they told us you could also see beds of clouds). As you like taking general views of cities, you could get up to Pico dos Barcelos, wherefrom you can get a very nice view of Funchal (if you come from Machico, it's after passing Funchal). Looking forward to see your pictures of this trip, Yvonne