The Critique Conspiracy

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    <i> .... over and over again, at the expense of vibrancy.</i>

    I hope Herve you don't forget that everything, almost everything is already done in photography in search for incongruity to be unique in a personal way, seldom, very seldom you see a new technique, most 'so called' new techniques here on TE are often a weak decotion ,sometimes accidental but mostly already seen on other sites, so photography could become terrible boring if you see that from this angle.
    Still the one thing that makes TE unique between all the other sites is that you can learn a lot from the world, I still hope ... no ? If you want to travel to a certain part of the world you got such an archive here that you can give yourself quite a good impression already even before you go there. So all photographic aspects can only enhance this, total differant from the idea that photographic aspects or techniques has to be the ultimate target here on TE IMHO.
  • Well,
    I see your argument quite clearly, Harjit, as this argument flew through my mind many times while posting and critiquing on TE. However, I understand that:
    1) Not everytime you see a picture, you want to comment - I am sure it is also true for you
    2) Not every picture YOU post and think is good/original/fascinating creates a similar impact behind other screens
    3) Critiquing and giving smiles for the sake of receiving similar returns would lead in most cases to a disappointment. True, it is part of the human nature, but it is a sad part of it.
    When you GIVE a critique, you are SUPPOSE to give it with no expectation of a return - that's REAL giving. When you are expecting a return, you are actually commercing with the virtual points allocated by the TE server. And that's critiquing from a different point of view, not always from the interest of the person who receives it, and that's too bad because that's one of the purposes of this site, right?
    Don't think that I haven't been where you are right now (only I kept it to myself and dealt with it differently than you do just now). And NO, I don't think you need to critique people in order to get similar ones in exchange - I think you should critique because YOU WANT to critique and help (and I am sure in most cases it is true).
    I have numerous photos that didn't receive ANY comment whatsoever - so what? I think they are good and maybe others didnt think so and didn't feel like putting the effort in telling me this. Too bad, but that's life. I am not here(only)for their critiquing - I am here also to learn from their work and way of thinking and seeing things - that's important no less...
    Try to lower your expectations and focus on being a photographer who keeps on learning and improving not only from getting feedback, which is the fun part here, but also by learning from other photographers, from understanding what they did and how - I am sure that most photog here will reply a question about any subjects regarding photo techniques and art.
    Phrasing sentences with the word Conspiracy, however, wont get you there, I am sure of that.
  • Hey Henk!
    That's an idea, an original, BUT you aer only dealing here with the quantity of the pictures displayed on TE, but not so with the learning process - those who recieve less will most probably wont learn and improve and the next day again and again...
    I wrote down the thread that I think it is wrong to judge the site according to the number of smilies you get or critique...uploading pictures here is to get a feedback, that's true, but is also about learning from other photographers, getting a new angle, a new idea...I, for once, use the list option to select my favorites, and if I am "bored" of the "Root gallery" I just go for the list and enjoy what I see (or not, depend on the day...).
    I wont say that I am not getting happy when somebody puts a smiley or a critique on my door. I do say that if they dont I check to see, maybe the picture is not worthy of being published here. And if I think it is good, then I say "F*** it! I damn like it, and it is here to stay!"
    Competition is good, but it's not all...
  • Very nice post!
    I agree. Modesty is one of the keystones of the growing process...
    Well written
  • Re: The Critique Conspiracy
    We touched upon that in other threads. But here, The main word is vibrancy. If its takes a blurred, tilted skyline, cut-off arms and purple skin, fine. If it takes a simple 1/3rd rule, nice normal frontal compo, and natural colors, fine as well. My drone chorus always: what, not how!

    There are no rules, but responses to what the eye sees, sometimes it's OK not to challenge how we are conditionned to see and sometimes it is. All depends what we are trying to say. I would love for my pictures to speak eloquently so that no one thinks FIRST if I followed a rule or broke it.

    I really like the shots from very popular members, in the street photography category, I mean there is a bit of TE family thing going on here, and at the same time, i try to look further than the shot, see what is the guy/gal trying to say, if there is someone questionning the world about and around him in the shot. just a funny tilt, cut-off,B&W conversion, etc... ain't buying it for me. Vibrancy first!
  • Re: The Critique Conspiracy
    I must admit that I did not read all 125 messages in this thread, but I thought I would toss in my own two cents.

    The points don't really mean much to me. If I can get 1 constructive critism on a picture, then the reason I joined this site has been filled.

    But that's just me.
  • Re: The Critique Conspiracy
    hahaha talking about tilts, have ypu seen my latest uploads?:) Tilting is good sometimes I think, though Im not a tulter per se.
  • Re: The Critique Conspiracy
    I did not, Rafal. But my whole point is that for those of us who really dig street photography (Ok if it's a river!), the possibilities are almost endless, yes, but we are constantly striving, and a frank feedback on discussing our choices is a lot more fun than "yeah-ing" critiques for each damned shot. For me, now that I have looked at your last, the tilted one, you shot a blank. I simply cannot get thru the means to get to the substance of the image you created. maybe another day....;-)
  • Re: The Critique Conspiracy
    Let me jump in here with both feet.
    Two things, Darren:
    1. Ungracious, thin skinned photogs: yes, my friend, you're right (I know I've done it!) There are too many on this site who simply cannot handle a critique or who feel somehow that they are "protected" by the other more numerous, "positive" comments. You are right and it me off when I see it.
    2. The "Golden Age of TE" trope - all due respect, that's a load of old cobblers. I feel a colic coming on when Old Timers hark back to that Golden age. All that ahppened is that the sote expanded greatly due to the fact that it is fantastic and unique (in spite of its imperfections). Inevitably, you see more "postcards", more "close ups of smiling kiddies" (some of them from old timers, by God!) But if you sift through you will find all the outstanding shots you could wish for and the telling, incisive critiques too.
    So one out of two on this, Darren - I would give you the "half-smiley" that you are so fond of yourself on this one. Agree with you about the thin-skinned lot, violently disagree with you about the Good Old days thing.
  • Re: The Critique Conspiracy
    Richard, let's cut to the chase here: your rude, arrogant and thoroughly insulting critique a while back got BOUNCED by administration because it was just that. I should have thought this would have taught you a smidgen of humility by now but no.
    So let's go through it ALL OVER AGAIN:
    Rule 1:
    Do NOT criticize other commentators when commenting on a picture. Say your piece and leave it at that. Your idea of fun seems to consist in impuning all the others who have commented before you on a certain pic saying things like: "Great! Stupendous! Brilliant! (Sarcastically)
    I cannot believe anybody found this worthless picture any good. They must all be your fans of yours or something. Wow if you weren't Furachan (or whoever) or there would be next to this picture is a semi colon."
    This is practically a virtual quotation from one of your critiques.
    Anytime I see you write this kind of trash, young fellow, I will report it directly and I suspect you'll receive more than a warning next time.