Your favourite place in your country?

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  • Every country is famous for something, but what do you like best about yours? It doesn't matter if you were born there, or live there now, I'm sure there's some things you totally love. Can you point us to a special place, event or tradition that is off the tourist routes? Somewhere great photos are born?
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    My favourite places:

    in Singapore -
    1. The FOOD. ANY Singaporean will direct you to their favourite place or favourite stall. Just ask. Go to the out of the way hawker centers: avoid tourist traps like Newton. Hop into a taxi and ask "uncle" to take you to his favourite place for supper, or breakfast, or lunch. Enjoy! You will not get sick, but you might get a chilli overdose!
    2. The Night Safari. I have taken countless friends & visitors there, and every single time something different happens: from the mama & baby Tapir following our (slow-moving) tram, to watching a (very big and intimidating) tiger clean itself right in front of the glass enclosure; I have always had a great time.
    3. Pulau Ubin. This is where to go to get off the beaten track and see a totally different side of Singapore.

    in Mexico
    1. Isla Holbox is so off the beaten track even Mexicans don't know about it. I was so relaxed and happy there I ended up taking about 10 photos. All I did was swim, lie in a hammock reading or sleeping and eat lots of seafood.
    2. el Bazar Sabado. No trip to Mexico City is complete without a trip here. Really. Even if you don't buy anything, it has some of the most well-crafted pottery, silver, etc. in Mexico, and the prices are very competitive. Trust me. We buy almost all our souvenirs here. Where? Plaza San Jacinto, San Angel. When? Saturdays only.
    3. Gaia restuarant is where I had one of the best meals in my life. The service is impeccable, the food excellent, the location charming, and all at a very reasonable price. Located in Cuernavaca, about 1.5 hours from Mexico by bus.

    Of course, some of the best ways to find out about special places is to ask the locals. =) So all you locals, what are you waiting for?
  • Sin English
    I have heard like people in Singapore speak like "OK lah", is that correct?
    They add "lah" at the end of a speech and it makes it little funny. like...
    "U lidat think meeh?" means "Do you think like that"...
    I have my friend who's traveling there now, but havent contacted with him for a while.
    oh I've actually made a pretty similar thread like yours, will you write more about your travel tips?
    You can find my thread in "Let's have pride in our country":
    My username there is michell.
    looking forward to have your comments on my topic there!
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    U are right as i live in Singapore. In here we call Singlish. They speak so fast and straight. Sometime u will not understand, but it's alright everyone speak English :D u will survive if in China or some part of Asia...hahahaha u will us body language.
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    If you really want to go and know a very special place do not hesitate , i had never seen anything like that, beautiful , very quiet and incredibly nice people only 2 hours away from Cancun!!!!
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    Taleghan Is A Nice Place Near The Tehran ( Center Of Iran ) About 130 Km To Away West From Tehran To Ghazvin (Qazvin) Hidden Paradise & Good Weather Falls Springs & Very Warm & Fresh People Whit Progressive Idea Jalal e Al e Ahmad & Ayatollah Taleghani & Ostad Gholam Hossein Amirkhani Very Important People Was Born In Taleghan Or Fathers Was born In Taleghan (Same As Me !!! )
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    I am from Georgia, USA, but my favorite place anywhere in the world is Olomouc, Czech Republic. I studied there for a year and is the most gripping and beautiful place anywhere.
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    It's a no brainer for me, definitely the Rocky Mountains. Their photographic potential is reflected in the TE images from Alberta and British Columbia.
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    I'm from Venezuela and there are a lot of really beautiful places here if you like nature (there are a lot of national parks). My favorite places would the be Los Roques, an archipel formed by around 300 islands and islets with amazing white sands and clear waters (see my page for a picture), and the Gran Sabana, the oldest place of the world from a geological point of view, which is full of waterfalls, jungle, and teh amazing table mountains called tepuyes. I will post some pictures in the future.
  • hello, Yvonne
    you are from Venezuela, just great!
    I've made a thread in other forum to discuss about travel stories, and i want you to join my thread:
    You can find me as michell in "Lets have pride in our country" there.

    looking forward to hear your pride there!!